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TNT, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Redwood City
Address 2000 Broadway
Phone 650-600-1800

TNT, Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2017

I was given a form to sign online with my name and that I would be contacted back if I made the cut for the job. I then got contacted and got an email for the website panel I would be using to make my orders in. My first supervisor was Nathan Cole who said he was Jason Spark originally then sent me another email for the mistake and to ignore that previous email introducing himself as Nathan. I then got a phone call from Nathan who told me I would be getting my first delivery starting Monday. As I started getting orders and could not contact Nathan anymore, I got an email from Jan Steiner who said he would be my new supervisor and I would be contacting him through phone. He also said that Nathan was out for a business trip and would come back later with an unspecified amount of time and that's why he would be taking over as my supervisor.

So I gave my location information along with my accounting and routing numbers needed for payment in the first panel (I now deleted my bank info).

And whenever I wanted to change my password or account information I would have to get it approved first. So I made 10 orders in that old panel which later stopped functioning properly which according to Jan Steiner was full of bugs so we moved to a new task panel. One time the label would not upload on the site and he would occasionally email me the labels needed to send out the packages which would give him some credibility to the buggy website conundrum he mentioned.

I then did 3 more deliveries and am currently holding 2 extra packages here which I haven't sent yet due to some discrepancies in the order to which I needed to talk to my supervisor about. I called him for 5 days straight and he finally answered back saying that they moved to a new HQ, are now in a different building and their landline was down. For the 2 packages I am holding I called him for 3 days straight and he called me back as soon as I starting investigating if this was a scam of not and then removed my banking info apologizing for not having gotten paid yet. I told him off and mentioned he was getting reported after another suspicious landline and building change so quickly.

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