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Timeshare Exit Team

Country United States
State Washington
City Lynnwood
Address 3400 188th St. SW Suite 300
Phone 855-733-3434

Timeshare Exit Team Reviews

  • Dec 1, 2020

Was told that I would get my 8.000. back if they could not get me of my timeshare, with in 6 to 18 months. It has been more then 2 year's.and they stop returning my calls

  • Nov 19, 2019

In 2018, we signed on with a timeshare in Cabo, Mexico. Realizing it was a bad deal, I met with Reedhein & Associates (also known as the Timeshare Exit Team) and signed on with them in April 2018 after they agreed to work on my behalf in securing my exit from the timeshare.

From the beginning, it was an ordeal getting them to respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. It took them 6 months to assign me a Client Manager named Neal to me. Neal started off by sending me an email asking me to file complaints against the timeshare company (Trinity Resort Services) with the Attorney General, FTC and BBB which I did.

Within a few days, I was contacted by Trinity who agreed to let me out of the timeshare. To do so, I would have to pay an additional $2700 to them. Neal advised me to keep haggling with them and ask to be let out of it at no cost to me. Again, I haggled and exchanged numerous emails with Trinity. I then realized that I was doing all the work and Neal and Reedhein were doing nothing on my behalf.

After weeks of going back and forth with Trinity and filing more complaints against them, they sent me an email that they would not be relenting and that their original offer stands. This is part of what I received from Neal in an email:

Important Reminders:

-Don't let them know you are working with Reedhein Timeshare Exit, it could jeopardize your exit.

-Don't agree to anything over the phone, if they come up with an offer, its okay to say that it sounds agreeable, but that you need it in writing.

-I just need to reiterate that we are not financial advisers, so the specifics of the negotiation are up to you and what you determine is best for your financial situation.

So, Reedhein does not work on my behalf and even told me in the email to not mention them. What company takes your money but doesn't even show their name???? Again, I'm doing all the work while they sit back and take my money.

Reedhein/Timeshare Exit Team offers a 100% Guarantee Refund if they are unsuccessful in obtaining an exit from our timeshare. I solely secured this exit. On no emails from the resort company Trinity Resort Services is Reedhein copied. The correspondence is strictly between me and Danielle Beasley from Trinity Resort Services.

I have asked Reedhein/Timeshare Exit Team to produce letters, emails, or any documentation of work they have done on my behalf and they are unable to do so. Their simple advice of filing complaints with the AG and BBB does not warrant the $6995.00 they are charging me. Per the contract, they did not secure my exit and are not entitled to this money.

  • May 25, 2019

Extreme Dissatisfaction With Timeshare Exit Team/Reed Hein To whom it may concern: We are extremely dissatisfied with Timeshare Exit Team/Reed Hein. My husband and I engaged Timeshare Exit Team/Reed Hein more than a year ago to help us to get rid of our Wyndham timeshare and were assigned case number 75055-Wyndham.

After months of waiting we received a proposal from Timeshare Exit Team and Wyndham that included maintenance fees paid in advance that were several hundred dollars more than they should have been. We responded to Timeshare Exit Team that Wyndham had miscalculated the maintenance fees and while we would not pay the miscalculated amount, we would pay the proper, lower amount.

Since then we have heard nothing from Timeshare Exit Team. When we call all we ever get is voicemail, and and two earlier submissions of this complaint by email sent months ago have received no substantive response.

At this point we are extremely disappointed with Timeshare Exit Team's performance. We request that Timeshare Exit Team respond to this complaint promptly and inform us of how they propose to rectify the situation, or we will explore our legal options.

Sincerely yours: Keluargad Case 75055-Wyndham

  • Feb 10, 2017

These guys are a total scam i paid $8000 and they never got me out of the contract....Now i'm getting tax letters from the county assessors threatening to attach my wages and lien my house and my credit is in the toilet!!!

whatever you do dont listen to anything these guys tell you!!!!

  • Oct 12, 2015

I have been a timeshare owner for many years now and due to health issues and being under the constant care of a doctor can no longer travel. I tried to get my resort to cancel my ownership but they refuse and tell me that being sick does not change my obligation to pay the annual fees. I cannot continue to pay for something that I am unable to use. I tried selling it. No one wants to buy it or even take it for free. I’ve tried renting it with no success. Which brings me to how I ended up getting in contact with Timeshare Exit Team aka Reid Hein and associates. I signed up with them after attending a meeting about their services with the understanding that they are a lawfirm and that I would be working with an attorney to get out of my timeshare. When I got home I decided to do a little more research. I looked at their website and other information online regarding their company. What I found did not really answer any of the questions I had. I wanted some kind of reassurance from one of their attorneys that they had success with getting people out of their Kuhio Banyan timeshares. I called their office and asked if I could talk to one of the attorneys and they told me "No". So I asked if I could have the name of the attorney who would be handling my case and they again told me "No". I told them that if I couldn't talk to an attorney then I wanted a refund. Then I was told that they do not give refunds. After I got off the phone with them I went straight to the contract with them and sure enough it said that my money was non-refundable. I immediately called my credit card company and they had not charged my card yet so I cancelled my card. I was not about to pay thousands of dollars to a company that can't even answer my questions or let me talk to my attorney. Shortly after that timeshare Exit Team called me and said that they tried to process my payment and that it said that it was declined. I told the individual I was speaking to that I had cancelled my card bc they would not let me speak to an attorney. They then told me that that don't usually allow the clients to talk to the attorneys because the attorneys done have time to talk on the phone. What is the sense of hiring an attorney who doesn’t have the time to talk to you? Where is the relief for timeshare owners who have been swindled by resorts? Apparently not in companies like timeshare exit team. I hope that by posting this I can warn other people before they sign up with this company or others to do more research then I did.

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