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report scam

Times News Online

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City West Lehighton
Address 594 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive
Phone 610-377-2051

Times News Online Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2015

Times News LLC of Lehighton, PA. owned by Pencor Services LLC sent out newspaper subscription offers at a discounted price for a set period of time, one or two years. Nowhere on the intial subscription card does it state anything about the subscriber being required to notify of cancellation after the original offer expires.

At the end of the subscription period you are sent a renewal option card. On the card you are offered the full price to renew the subscription. Pencor is claiming that there is a notice on the renewal card that if you complete the card and return it you will be billed for continuing subscriptions.

This company creates an initial agreement, Then as it ends makes it a requirement to return a renewal card or you will be charged for additional issues after the inital agreement period.

Who do you know reads any renewal offers that state you must send in the reneal card to decline the subscription?

I did not enter into any agreement for charges After the intial agreement or anything similar.

At best their practice is Very Misleading. At worst, similar to Slamming, charging for services not agreed to.

There really should be a class action suit against this company and it's practices.

However, good luck. Pencor Services LLC owns and controls virtually all the media in the region. Cable TV, Internet (Blue Ridge Cable), Times News LLC the local newspaper, Communications, even Electric and Phone Companies. All By One Company! I will not be surprised if they don't track down this complaint and shut off my phone, tv, internet.

Penncor is an untouchable business that contribute to many local political campaigns so good luck anything really being done locally. And Penncor has huge pockets in our state capitol as well.

But charging people for something they Never Agreed To is at the very least not legal.

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