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report scam

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Honolulu
Address 1420 Victoria St., Apt. 804
Phone 424-220-8172
Website Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2020

Tim Chey pretends to be a "Christian" filmmaker - but his real-world actions show that he is far from a righteous individual. He is extraordinarily litigious, both as an adversarial Plaintiff and as as deadbeat Defendant.

He has substantial judgments against him from multiple investors in his poorly reviewed films plus personal judgments from Discover Card, Bank of America, Outfront Media and many more that are listed on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Case Search website.

He has filed multi-million dollar lawsuits against film editors, film crew members, film distributors (including Netflix) and a wide range of service providers who are shell-shocked to receive a psychotically-worded legal assault lawsuit for simply having performed their duties.

His lawsuits are always supported by defammatory and false internet posts on sites (including this "rip off report") as part of his repeated strategy to smear his targets until they succumb to his extortion pressure to pay him to "go away." HIS LAWSUITS HAVE NEVER ONCE HAD A FACTUAL BASIS FOR HIS CLAIMS!

It's all about extorting victims into paying him to go away! Someone needs to submit a full summary of his actions to the California Bar Association as his conduct is not compatible with the Professional Code of Conduct expected of attorneys.

Chey is a desperate and shifty individual... telling his judgment creditors that he has "no assets to attach" and then filing lawsuits inwhich he represents himself individually as being the proper owner of the assets that he had just declared (under the penalty of perjury) that he does NOT own!

Depending upon who is asking, he might say he resides in California, or in Hawaii, or possibly Alaska or Boston. In California, he often purports to live with his 88-year old father on Lowry Road. or sometimes he lists a shared-office or P.O. box address. In Hawaii, he purports to live in a tiny apartment owned by his wife., or sometimes in a rental house from a landlord in Canada.

IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN OR A FILM INVESTOR, please, please, look at Chey's FILMS and look at his COURT RECORD and ask yourself if this the kind of conduct that Jesus would approve? Every time that Chey is given a fourth, fifth, sixth chance to be honorable, he instead chooses to turn ugly and litigious, and in doing so, he isolates himself from everyone.

There is no army of Tim Chey fans... there are only bloodied victims who want nothing else to ever do with him again. It's a sad, pathetic legacy... but don't be the next sucker that falls for his jovial "Christian filmmaker" pitch that he uses to build undeserved trust in his targets.

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