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Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address 19495 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 600
Phone 1-800-331-6483

TicketsatWork Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2020

On 07/17/20, I reserved a car in the amount of $133.00 because I was putting my car in the shop to be fixed. However, the parts were not available, so I had to cancel the car.

On 07/17/20, I called to cancel the car because, I had two days in which to cancel as stated on the tickets at work form. I was unable to contact them, all I got was a continuous loop of information that did not apply to me. I went to their website and told them to cancel the car.

I called again on 07/18/20, again no answer. I called again and left a message explaining that I no longer need the car and stated the reason why. On the same day, I contacted Thrifty at 877-283-0898 to cancel the car. They cancelled the car and told me to contact tickets at work for the refund. I asked for a confirmation number and they stated I did not need one. I received an email from tickets at work on 7/19/20 giving me a credit voucher for future purchases.

I called them to speak to a manager three times, each time I was put on hold for 35+ minutes. The person would come back and tell me they did not have a manager only supervisors, but I did not get to speak to a supervisor. I ask who was in charged and that most places have a manager. I asked for corporate office, they stated they did not have a corporate phone number just an email address which was the same email address listed on there website.

I told them I did not want a voucher; I wanted my account credited. I was hung up on. I called a 4th time; told them I would file a complaint against them and that I would talk to the supervisor. A person who called themselves Jean or Gene (male) came on the line and I explained the situation to them again. He told me there was nothing he could do, he was the only one there, there were no managers. I stated all you have to do is reverse the charges because you have not collected payment.

I stated the car was cancelled so why am I getting a voucher for a non-existent car. He stated that they did get payment. I said are you calling my credit card company a liar. I have checked several times and it says the transaction is pending. He did not like what I had to say and hung up. I sent a second email to tickets at work telling them the same thing I told them that I did not want a voucher I want my account credited.

I received another email from tickets at work on 07/20/20, stating the same thing as the previous email. At this point, I cannot talk to corporate, I cannot talk to a manager, I cannot find the corporate office, I am being forced to buy something on there website instead of crediting my account. So my money is being held hostage. I want my account credited for $133.00.

  • Apr 18, 2017

I went to and bought AMC movie theater tickets through them at They promised up to 40% off, but the tickets cost me $2 more. I thought I would get some sort of discount after buying the tickets, wrong! It's a scam that you end up paying more for the tickets and then you can't even pick your seats online, so you have to hope that AMC has two open seats when you get to the box office. Buyer beware!

  • Jul 30, 2015

I've been trying in vain to contact Tickets At Work by phone and by emails to cancel an hotel reservation because of a family emergency, a week before the check-in date. I spent over 3 hours on hold in 3 days - on hold for 45min to 1 hour on 800-331-6483 and 407-393-5862 (For Customer Service Assistance On Existing Orders). I was also on hold in vain on 954-342-2900 (for Corporate Client Services) for about another hour. I emailed my request for the cancellation to [email protected], [email protected],

[email protected], [email protected] one week before the check-in date. It has been 3 days now without a response. Beware folks! It is quasi impossible to make a change to an order from! There's nobody to talk to. You are on your own!

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