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Country United States
State Delaware
City Rehoboth Beach
Address 19266 Coastal Hwy, Unit 40510
Phone 844-379-0370
Website Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2019

On 2/16/2019, i googled for tickets to monster jam in cleveland for that night. One of the top results was so i clicked on it. I selected the event and i have the history on my computer that shows i selected the date of 2/16 at 7pm. I proceeded to purchase the tickets and when i got the delivery email and flash seat tickets, they were for the next night. I called several times to customer service where i was unable to get through to anyone. Than i opened up a chat on their website where i was told i was out of luck. The person in the chat told me that their site didnt make a mistake and that i should try to resell them. I told them that i had the proof from the history on my web browser and they didnt care. This is a horrible way to run a business and i am going to do everything i can to make sure everyone knows about the issues with this company

  • May 29, 2018 misrepresented themselves as the Borgata Casino website. I went to the Borgata Casino website to purchase tickets to the June 2 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band concert.

I scrolled down the ‘purchase tickets’ – and was brought to a display of the theater and available seats and ticket prices. Never one, never, did anything gave me any indication I was still not on the Borgata Casino.

We even went to the effort of calling the Borgata using the number on the website and we connected to their events center and they gave us a recommendation as to where to sit. When they picked up the phone, they identified themselves as the “Borgata Casino”.

So I purchased tickets based upon the very clear belief I was purchasing them from the Borgata Casino and no one else. When I got the tickets via e-mail, they didn’t have my name on them but instead they had Jake Klay.

When I contacted the Borgata Casino to ask them to resend the tickets in the right name, they told me they had not sold the tickets, but a scalper site - had, and that I had been charged 4 times the actual cost.

According to Borgata Casino, when I clicked on the link to purchase tickets I was redirected to without my knowledge and I was changed 4 times the actual ticket price!

When I called they told me basically tough – I should have been aware that their website – even thought it had the exact look and feel of the Borgata Casino website, was in fact not the Borgata Casino!

They not only charged me 4 times the cost of actual tickets, they also charged me $180 for a service fee – which exceed the cost of the actual tickets themselves. No mater how many times I called back to resolve the issue, I could not reach anyone. When I tried to use their on-line chat option, I again was told ‘tough - I should have know I was buying from a reseller” response to the whole issue reminded me a the scene in Animal House – basically it was ‘Face it; you F**ked up, your trusted us…” by clicking on a link they gave me on their website!

They frankly didn’t care …

Lets be clear, absolutely clear, never once did I think I was buying tickets from anyone but the Borgata Casino. masqueraded at the Borgata Casino website - this was out and out fraud.

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