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Thundering Eagle Motorsports

Country United States
State Texas
City Lubbock
Address 5848 50th St
Phone 1 806-796-3613

Thundering Eagle Motorsports Reviews

  • Sep 3, 2020

Delivered my Harley to Chris Galentine back in 2016. Agreed upon work which was to be done, gave him $ 1000.00 down payment. Several months later he called and said he needed $ 2000.00 more for " parts". He had done good work for me in the past, so I trusted him. A year later I've heard nothing from him. I go to his shop, my bike has had the engine taken apart, it's covered with dirt, and the rear tire is completely flat. He swears he'll have it finished in two weeks. I give him 6 weeks. Now he won't answer his calls, and his shop is closed, even though his truck is there.

The next day I catch him coming out of his shop to get into his truck. I demand to see my bike. Nothing has changed. But, like last time, there are about a hundred bikes in the shop, gas is leaking from some of them onto the floor, and he's smokng! So, I call the Fire Marshall. More months go by, I find him again, bike is still untouched. I call for a wrecker to have it towed to another shop. The gas tank had been taken off, and when I get that back, the brand new fresh paintjob is scratched! And he didn't drain the gas.

Gas is more than 3 years old. Turned to jelly, and ruined the " pet c**k, " valve. Do not, repeat, DO NOT take your bike to this guy! On his website he has a statement: " This is for the soldiers". I am a retired marine, and he knows this. That statement makes me sick! He doesn't care about anyone but himself. Something is very wrong with this guy, besides being lazy, and dishonest.

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