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Country United States
State California
City Rancho Mirage
Phone 760-799-5195
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  • Sep 4, 2017

I’ve bought or sold over a dozen properties in the last 25 years and never have I dealt with 2 agents so money-centered and mean spirited as Judy and Mike. Every move was to close the deal and collect commission at the cost of their fiduciary duty to me as the seller. And, as I became more angered and rebellious at every move, they circulated a letter around their office referring to me as “Voodoo” threatening to produce dolls to stab, stupidly sending it to me by accident. While they were acting so unbelievably unprofessional, they were in process of collecting over $25,000 in commissions on two transactions within 2 months on my behalf.

Here are some examples of their behaviors: Wanting me to sign off on contingencies before I had loan approval, not relaying my requests for escrow extension to the buyer, or lying to me that they had, having me incur rush fees I did not understand and not explaining (they wanted to close the deals as fast as possible), suggesting I not counter a low ball offer, claiming the buyer did not have enough money to pay more, not showing up for walkthroughs, inspections, giving the new owner the keys to my unit early without my knowledge before the transaction recorded, did not care if repairs were done to the place I was buying but wanted me to sign a bogus receipt report on the repairs I had to make to the property I was selling, got me into an ecrow with tons of “junk” fees and insisted I pay and do not question them, rebelled when I wanted to use my own escrow company, the list goes on and on……… Even when they reluctantly showed up for open houses, I had to insist they list on Zillow and Trulia and I had to come early to air the place out, light a candle, put on some music.

Neither Judy nor Mike would even make the slightest effort to go above of beyond just sitting quietly in a stuffy place, on their phones. They know nothing about staging, advertising, promoting, nor do they care. Their strategy is to get you to list as low priced as possible then accept a lowball offer, then hurry to close the deal. Thanks to them I got bottom dollar for the unit I sold.

To make a long review short, if you’re looking to list (or buy) with an aggressive, conscientious realtor who understands business and their Judiciary duty to you and will have your back during the transaction, run from these two (no matter how “Nice” they come across).

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