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Thrive Healthcare

Country United States
State Florida
City Winter Park
Address 2221 Lee Rd Ste. #16
Phone 1 407-345-5622

Thrive Healthcare Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2020

After attending a “Thrive” dinner and listening to a doctor talk about how she had been healed of a frozen shoulder though PRP and stem cell injections, I made an appointment, with Dr. Maggie.

When I arrived, I learned that Dr. Maggie had passed away several months before my appointment. During that, let’s call it a “sales” appointment, with Mr Bill Paedae I was shown several success videos… in particular, a video of an elderly man jumping up and down with great range of motion and no pain after the injection. Mr Paedae assured me he could help me because everyone gets results. I signed up for 6 PRP visits and 1 stem cell treatment each in my back and toe. After negotiating a cash discount, I gave Thrive $10,000 on 3/16/2019.

In August 2019, after 5 sets of extremely painful PRP injections and one stem cell injection into my back and toe, with a nurse practitioner and a podiatrist, I went into the office and I told Mr. Bill Paedae that it wasn’t working. I was absolutely no better. He promised it would work, stating “Sometimes it takes a year but everyone gets good results.”

October 28, 2019, I sent him a text asking to have another conversation with him regarding my unsuccessful treatment and asking why I had not heard from anyone after our last conversation. He answered he would “be in touch with me ASAP.” I never heard from him.

Fast forward to today, a year later from getting the first injections. I got absolutely no result. None. If anything, I am worse today than I was before I started the therapy. My toe is more swollen, and I use a walker or side table to turn myself and get out of bed.

I am a 64 year old woman who has tried conventional treatment that hasn’t worked. Desperate to be out of pain, I was naively suckered into this. They took my money. No one bothered to get my medical records even though I provided that information several times. There is no follow-up. No one cares if you get results. Buyer beware! I have talked with 2 other medical doctors since these treatments. This is a painful scam!

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