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Thomas Nicholas

Country United States
State New York
City Buffalo

Thomas Nicholas Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2021

Working with Thomas Nicholas became my downfall to a debt of over $10000. The man doesn't know what he is doing and lies about his success. After 2 months of working with him the tax I owed has still not been paid although he claims it is paid but will or cannot provide proof. My tax was $3450 which I paid twice. The first payment was made to an unfinished bitcoin address never to be found. The second payment so he claims paid the tax. The tax amount is still not paid, if it was I would be able to withdraw my funds.

Consequently no froof of payment or any indication that the tax has been paid. He also claimed to have withdrawn the amount of $15760. which is another lie. He claims that he can send me $25000 due to a reimbursement of funds from both bitcoin and the IRS. To do this would cost me another $1500 in fees. As I said previosly the man does not know what he is doing and I advise everyone to never do business with Thomas Nicholas.

I gave him 5 days to send my balance to me and the tax amount reimbursement and for him to pay any fees. Never received any payment or reimbursement for my tax payment of $3450. Do not invest with this person he will take your money saying specoific fees are needed to process any claim. Never to receive any funds through his so called brokerage.

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