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Third Rock Telecom

Country Canada
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Address 300 Kingsway
Phone 1 855-807-7625

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  • Apr 14, 2021

Fcc issues robocall cease and desist letter


To: Joey Anderson

Third Rock Telecom

300-665 Kingsway

Vancouver BC V5R-5W2


[email protected]

cc: [email protected]

Re: Official Correspondence from the Federal Communications Commission

Dear Mr. Anderson,

We have determined that Third Rock Telecom (Third Rock) is apparently transmitting illegal robocall traffic on behalf of one or more of its clients. You should investigate and, if necessary, cease transmitting such traffic immediately and take steps to prevent your network from continuing to be a source of apparent illegal robocalls. As noted below, downstream voice service providers will be authorized to block all of Third Rock’s traffic if you do not take steps to “effectively mitigate illegal traffic within 48 hours,” or if you fail to inform the Commission and the Traceback Consortium within fourteen (14) days of this letter (March 31, 2021) of the steps you have taken to “implement effective measures” to prevent customers from using your network to make illegal calls.

One or more investigations conducted by the Commission, in conjunction with the Traceback Consortium, revealed that Third Rock apparently transmitted multiple illegal robocall campaigns as listed here.

Fraudulent Credit Card Rate Reduction Robocalls.

Social Security Administration Imposter Robocalls.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 robocall scam.

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