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Country United States
State Alaska
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  • Mar 31, 2021

I purchased what I thought would be Bose Sleepbuds II which your member "theShoesza" sold online for $99 during February. Because there was no operating information included, I went online to find it. There I first discovered that Bose had discontinued the described product during 2019, with refunds ending at the end of that year. I also discovered that what I received looked nothing like the Sleepbuds II product pictured online which I thought I had purchased.

My charging case does not have the progressive white lights along the rim. Instead, each bud has red and blue internal lights which appear to signal whether they are charged or discharged. Moreover, I cannot get the earbuds sold to me to pair with my android phone through the Bose app. My emailed receipt from "theShoesza" shows that I purchased "Sleepbuds II" but the packaging of the product sent to me indicates the product is Sleepbuds only, not the "II" version of the Bose product.

I think this sale was deceptive, in that (1) the sellers knew what they were selling as a legitimate Bose product had been discontinued by the company and (2), even apart from this, they sent me something that is packaged to show that the contents are not what they described in their receipt to me: "Sleepbuds" rather than "Sleepbuds II". "theShoeza" has refused to refund my purchase in full, offering only a partial refund which I have rejected.

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