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report scam

Country United States
State California
City Venice
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  • Apr 6, 2021

Richard Krawczyk (Mr Blueprint) took $17,000 from me for "credit repair" and never delivered the services and now won't respond to any communication. He claimed to be able to do lawsuits to get bad tradelines removed from my credit report.

He also claimed to offer "tradelines" to be added to my report to bump up the credit score. Those tradelines never happened and his other services weren't completed and he disappeared with no communication.

Yet he's still posting on Facebook like life is fine. Now my credit score is worse than before he got involved and I have open lawsuits that he's left me hanging with.

Meanwhile, he's NOT an attorney yet created lots of legal documents for me and then filed 3 separate lawsuits in my name. He's operating as an attorney but he doesn't have a law license.

He calls himself Mr. Blueprint and claims to "I train entrepreneurs on how to build a better business and life."

All I've seen him do is fraud and theft. STAY FAR AWAY from this loser.

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