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Country United States
State Washington
City Virginia Beach
Address 1717 Chase Pointe Cir
Phone 206-202-4248

TheBookne Reviews

  • May 23, 2018

Ordered a Samsung Galxay for 49.99 i saw they took the cash but i never recived a tablet keep checking mail and nothing. started to research and found out this guy is getting alot of people. and if he is on amazon and ebay we need toi have this guy locked up 50 bucks here 75 there he probably sucked a few grand out of alot of people. lets get this guy please

  • May 23, 2018

I placed an order on the bookne site on 2/17/18 for a insignia 10.1inch tablet for my wife. On 2/21/18 got email saying that it was shipped. Here it is 5/24/18 and still no tablet. I paid $45 no shipping and handling charges. Took money out of my account and I have emailed them and got a reply from Kevin berlon and he wanted the order number sent it to him on March first and never heard back from him again and I still don't have my order. I've called and sent more emails from different accounts and still haven't received my order.

  • May 3, 2018

I ordered a tablet they deducted the money from my account but never sent me the item and when I complained about it they fail to get in contact with me.

  • Apr 24, 2018

Was looking for a bargain on tablets and came across thebookne site. Ordered 2 Samsung Tablets that have never been received. Multiple email contacts with company and received very vague responses than no responses at all!

  • Apr 23, 2018

Thebookne i bought a tablet from them they have not contacted me or sent me tablet. i paid $49 for it there is not number to contact them by and when you send them a email they wont respond to you

  • Apr 21, 2018

In February of 2018 I ordered a 10.1" Insignia tablet. It was $45.00 free shipping. I immediately received an email confirming the order and a second email the same day saying it was shipped. There was no tracking number so I called the company and emailed the company requesting tracking information. No one responded to any of the numerous requests for tracking or the status of delivery. I have not to date received the table and have contacted my creditcard company regarding the issue.

  • Apr 21, 2018

I ordered a 514 Amazon - Fire - 7 - Tablet - 8GB 7th Generation, 2017 Release - Black. I have not received it after 4 attempts to contact via email/phone.

  • Apr 21, 2018

I purched a Samsung - Galaxy Tab E - 9.6 - 16GB - Black - TABLET COMPUTER for $75.00 from THEBOOKNE web site. They sent 3 e-mails 1) Tkank you for your order 3/30/18 2) Order is prossing 4/31/18 3) Order has shippes 4/4/18. I e-mailed them for A tracking number several times. Then tryed to call them at 206-202-4248 & 206-202-4248 both out of order or no longer in service. Then looked the number up and was a New York phone number. Called called credit card company and waiting to hear back but since it was a prepaid MasterCard I got the impression they were not going to do anything.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I ordered 2 tablets for $75 each, received an email saying they were shipped, but never received them. Tried to call them, phone not in service. There are no other phone numbers to contact them with.

  • Apr 17, 2018

The Bookne [email protected] Kevin Berlon I paid $75.00 for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet they have never sent and are now not responding to my emails. Virginia Virginia

  • Apr 12, 2018

Ordered from these guys online only to find out it’s a scam. Phone number just rings and hangs up. Got an email stating it was shipped w/o tracking number. Called and emailed with no response . Called my credit card company and they state they will investigate the company and give me my money back. I should have spend the extra cash from amazon. I learned my lesson. These guys are rip off artists taking folks hard earned money. I will get my money back and never buy from them again.

  • Apr 11, 2018

Dont ever buy anything .younwont get any merchindise .

  • Apr 11, 2018

Ordered a tablet, a week goes by and I get email confirming order was shipped. After another week and no tablet I send an email asking for tracking number which typically comes with any shipping notice. I get email back saying its shipped direct from mfg. and there is no tracking number. Instantly respond and say I don't believe it, I want a tracking number. 4 days go by and I get an email saying not to worry its on its way. Send back an email asking for tracking number. 4 days no response. 3 1/2 weeks later, nothing. contacted my credit card company and told them I felt like I was being scammed, filed a dispute, they are doing what they do.

  • Mar 19, 2018

The Bookne website comes up in several searches and on Google. That's why I believed they were legitimate. I sent one message and they said yes order confirmed. Now I get No reply back. And still have no tablet. I had enough money to get a 27$ small kids tablet for her. But she can't see it good but at least I received it from E-Bay.

  • Mar 17, 2018

Purchased a Kindle Paperwhite on the website. After 2 weeks, I asked about tracking info. Received an email back stating it may take up to 6 weeks since it was coming directly from the manufacturer.

After 6 weeks, I asked again. No response. Called the number given and it just goes to a generic voicemail, left a message. No return call from the vendor. Emailed again and have not received a response.

So here I am 2 months after the order, and I have received nothing and am out $59.00. Filed a grievance with my credit card company to get my money back.

Definitely a fraud website since the phone number is not for Virginia (where the company says it is located on the website) but for the Seattle, Washington area. I wish I had looked further into this before purchasing.

Save yourself the grief and buy elsewhere.

  • Mar 17, 2018

Purchased a tablet for my sons birthday weeks in advance. Tried repeatedly to get in contact with them to no avail. Now six weeks later still no communication nor merchandise.

  • Mar 12, 2018

While searching online for a good deal on kindle fire tablets for my kids, I came across the website which supposedly sells ebooks, but also some other random items. I purchased two tablets at $39.99 each with free shipping but had to do a separate order for each individual tablet. Approximately 5 weeks after my order, I sent an email to customer support asking when I would receive the items. It clearly became apparent after it took several days to respond to my email that this was a scam when the illiterate dude that responded said he would "have to talk to the delivery company" and he was unable to provide a tracking number! Seriously?! Everything has a tracking number. I had a "case number” assigned in my account to keep track of the communications for the request I had made. Now suddenly, all the information in my account is now completely gone! Luckily, I saved all my emails! I have since sent another email advising that I will be reporting this "company” to the Better Business Bureau and writing negative reviews on the internet. This is a total scam! I won’t stop until I get my money back! Hopefully people will see this and will totally stay away from and the Kevin Berlon!

  • Mar 8, 2018

On 2/19 place an order for 515Amazon - Fire HD 8 Tablet 16GB 7th - 39.99 Free shipping. Order confirmation received AB-15862. On Feb 26 received an email stating order shipped. But no tracking information provided. So I called multiple times and emailed. No response.

One number goes straight to voicemail the other rings and rings no answer. In digging I came across this site where someone else posted this as being a scam. So I am reporting it as well. Do not order from TheBookne or Kevin Berlon. It is a scam and you will never receive your item.

  • Feb 22, 2018

In early January my 9 year old daughter and i went online to buy gifts with her christmas money. We found the website which supposedly sells ebooks, but also some other random items. We purchased a Tablet from this website. After purchasing we saw a 4 - 6 week delivery time. At week 5 i sent in a customer support email asking when we would receive the item. It clearly became apparent after it took several days to respond to my email that this was a scam when he said he would "have to talk to the delivery company". Its 2018 everything has a tracking number. Which he could not supply. When i threatened reporting him to the attorney general and writing negative reviews on the internet. He quickly sent me a email that was a cancellation notice for my order. He sent a seperate email saying he would crexdit my account with in 30 days. I told him this was not acceptable and that it only takes 2 days longest from when you submit the credxit for it to show up in a bank account. After not hearing back from him i am now forced to do a chargeback with my credit card company but am still reporting him on all of these sites and to the attorney general and BBB so hopefully everyone in the future will stay away from this crook.

I had a great conversation with my daughter about people who steal and take advantage of others, in addition to dishonesty and professionalism. So i guess this theif has been a great learning tool for me to teach my daughter.


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