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The Windsor Florist

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1118 Lexington Ave
Phone (212) 734-4540

The Windsor Florist Reviews

  • Jan 11, 2018

We found out a friend was sick with Cancer at the last minute and wanted flowers and a card sent to her.

Instead of that, what she got was two wilted and dying bunches of flowers not even close to what they advertised onine. The flowers we all open, not close to the color advertised, were not arranged, but were just wrapped in plastic, rubber banded, and dropped in a DRY fish bowl.

To make it worse, they left off the message of our prayers being sent, and our names - which is kind of okay in a sense, because this was a complete embarrassment and we wanted not to be known as sending these!

I got several calls from someone named "Peter" that were worse each time. He yelled at me the flowers were unopened and hot pink - both lies. He talked over me. He agreed to only a 50 dollar refund after he gave the phone to someone else. However, after we saw a picture from the Hotel staff, and sent it to Peter, we were even more upset.

He also never responded to the phot I sent.

If you were sick, and got these dead flowers - that cost over 200 dollars! - you would be sure an enemy had sent them. Especially since there wasn't even a name included.

Peter went a step futher and called me today saying he would issue a refund - only if we sent him back the dead flowers.

We are dealing with someone in the hospital, not even in the state ourselves, and he wants the dead flowers? Idiot! What a jerk is this guy?!

Also importantly, they issue an automated "review" for you to answer but it never posts anywhere, and seems to generate automatic five star reviews - smart and scammy!

Please help us alert everyone he is a crook, and no one should do business there.

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