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The Werner Law Firm

Country United States
State California
City Santa Clarita
Address 27257 1/2 Camp Plenty Rd
Phone 661-252-9022

The Werner Law Firm Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2016

He stated our bill was paid and he was sorry. We gave him $2000 one court apperance he was not even close to being effective damages done parties that were not involved. 12 years later this man has the nerve to try to collect from two individual who died 7 & 9 years ago the estate of zero balance??

12 years later this pig is still trying to collect on services he stood in the hallway of the court house and said they were

paid iun full he ineffective manner was laughable, the other side had no attorney and beat the day lights out of him, in court the judge questioned his ability. His clients died 7 and 9 years ago and hes still trying to collect but hes added almost $7,000

in interest to a bill he stasted was settled. The case notes were published in the local paper as the otherside was proven of fraud and sent to prison a few months after the matter was heard and yet this law firm still harrasses the family of the deceased clients. His collection efforts are sad, rude and disgraceful yet he will settle if they the family want to pay off on somethong the family memebr which he also got a restraining order on were 6 and 9 years of age at the time???

Sad state of affairs that his attempt to harrase has to go to lengths almost 13 years later statute of limitations on a collection is 7 years as we have been informed, what a pathethic individual.

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