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The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Delray Beach
Address 200 Congress Park Drive
Phone 1 800-290-7139

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2018

These people start lying to you from the second you make contact with them. They will tell you anything they need to tell you to get you to come to their facility. My husband and I had several speaker phone conversations with them before sending him there.

On more than one occasion we were told that he would not be isolated from me and that he would be able to call me any time he wanted. That turned out to be a lie. We asked if he decided that the program wasn't for him if he could leave. They assued us that, "He's not a prisioner, he can leave any time he wants." That also turned out to be a lie.

The first thing they did to him was that they strip searched him. While he was undressing they grabbed his cell phone and his walet and locked them up on him. When he went into melt down they lied to him and told him it was only for 72 hours then he would get his phone and wallet back.

He did not get them back until the day he left. We were told that they are an "At Will" facility meaning that they can leave any time they want. That was a lie. My husband ran away twice and they chased him down in a van and forced him to return to the center. He was being held against his will the entire time he was there.

He wasn't focused on the classes and meetings and stuff. He was focused out GETTING OUT! They try to turn your loved ones against you. They said that our insurance would cover everything except a $260 deductable. The next day after my husband got there, I received a telephone call telling me that there is a $2,800.00 out of pocket expense that I had to pay and would I please pay it NOW!

We were told that our insurance would pay for the airfre but I ended up having to pay about $300 of the airfare. If you call there and ask 10 different people the exact same question you will get 10 different answers. That is because they are all lying to you. Do not send your loved one there, do not send your worst enemy there.

These people need to be put out of business. Once my husband got home we started receiving phone calls every single day from The Watershed. They harrass and harrass and harrass until you think you are going to lose your mind. The reason for that is because if you stay sober they get to list you as a success and have the right to brag that they have a 75% seccuss rate.

My husband is staying sober because he wants to be sober. He is staying sober in spite of having been at The Watershed, not because he was held against his will at The Watershed. JUST SAY "NO" TO THE WATERSHED!!!!!!!!!!!

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