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  • Dec 28, 2016

'Bait and Switch' - WSJ auto renewal can not be 'turned off' unless you cancel your subscription.

I called the WSJ today and asked why there is no way for me to cancel the WSJ delivery and online paper by email or on their website. I was told the only way to cancel the WSJ was to have to CALL them. When I asked for what date I would have to call them so that I would not be billed for an extra 6 months I was told that I can call on the last delivery day of the newspaper, which is May 19, 2017. I informed the operator that if I waited until the last day of the paper delivery, I would have been automatically charged for the months of June through November AND at a much higher rate. I then asked again, how many days before the last delivery day of the newspaper can I call to cancel the subscription so that I may receive my paper until May 19, 2017? Again, I was told that I could cancel on May 19, 2017.

Obviously I am not speaking the same langauge as the person from the PHillipines on the line and I asked for a supervisor. I was told there were no supervisors. Dead End. Catch 22.

Realizing that print media is fast becoming a thing of the past, surely the Wall Street Journal can improve the consumer's ability to cancel the auto renew/subscription status of their newspaper in a much easier fashion. I resent having to jump through hoops in order to protect myself from being billed and then having to get my money from them. I feel it is a 'Bait and Switch' tactic and I do not believe I will continue with my newspaper delivery due to this. In addition, delivery is spotty to say the least. I have not received at least 1/2 dozen papers in the last month, and when I do, they are thrown in the driveway of another building and not delivered to me on my porch.

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