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The Walker Law Firm, LLC.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Lake Forest
Address 100 S. Saunders Rd Suite #150
Phone (847) 379-8810

The Walker Law Firm, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2021

This guy is terrible. He has bad reviews on yelp! This guy always rules against drivers for the sake the the city.

Martin Walker is a hearing officer hired by the city of Waukegan for handling traffic related fines for specifically red light camera.

This program that is run by the City of Waukegan in other cities like Chicago have come under fire for abusive measures against low income citizens. It has been said by a Waukegan state official Rita Mayfield that such red light camera funds go to the city and its employees for whatever they want to use it for. That being said , Mr Walker is liable as an attorney under oath that any money he receives is to be used for lawful purposes. That being said Mr Walker is taking advantage of the public by favoring the city of Waukegan by having more people fall victim to this scheme of making money off red light traffic fines. There is Yelp comments that state Mr Walker is corrupt and a scammer towards past clients.

It is clear now that Mr Walker be held accountable by the Attorney Disciplinary Commission!

The FBI and IRS have already proven and state officials have investigated and joined the ban against red light cameras which Mr Walker still serves the City of Waukegan as a hearing officer for such a corrupt program. Mr Walker should consider to be removed as hearing officer as he has reaped enough cash flow from this profitable traffic ticket business.

He should retire.

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