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The Vinura Agency

Country United States
State Ohio
City Akron
Address 1063 Eagle Dr Apt 708
Phone 330-631-5445

The Vinura Agency Reviews

  • Oct 26, 2017

In March of 2017 I contacted Douglas Byrne of The Byrne Benefits Group. He sold insurance to the company I work for on behalf of Nichole Massie with The Vinura Agency.

I had inquired about short term disability. I asked him if I got short term disability when would coverage start if I got pregnant. I also explained that I had a history of preterm labor and was more worried about having coverage in case I was put on bedrest during my pregnancy. My specific question was "if I got pregnant in the next 3-4 months would I be eligible to receive short term disability if I were to have complications" I was then told that complications before or after pregnancy would be a seperate from a maternity claim. I was told a maternity claim could only start 10 months from the policy date, however a bedrest claim would be seperate and would be covered before that 10 months.

I found out I was pregnant two months after getting this disability and here I am at 8 months pregnant needing to go on bedrest. I am now being told by the insurance agency that the information given to me was false. They will not cover my bedrest or anything related to pregnancy issues before that 10 months. Although I was told in an email that any claim other than birth would be completely seperate. Now neither company will contact me back regarding the denied claim and allstate does not care that I was lied to either. Neither agency nor insurance company has wanted to help me regarding this lie.

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