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The Vida Lifestyle

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 7720 N Dobson Rd
Phone 602-824-5998

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  • Jan 18, 2018

I would like to share my experience with the Vidanta company and their Vida lifestyle/ Destinos Unlimited scam and LIES. Basically my friend and I each ended up giving Vidanta $2300 for free. The service they offer has absolutely NO worth! Especially if you don't live in the US. They know it and yet they were ruthless in their lies and deceits to have us sign the memberships. Even when my friend clearly stated she had quit her job and was currently unemployed, they showed no mercy. They are very well trained to play with your mind. Even offers better deals and for free! Let me demonstrate below.

So after my friend and I got entrapped into getting the $18000 membership (still don't know how because we are both sensible, not gullible people but they are very very good at mindtricks) we went back to cancel the contract and claim our money. Besides their "we understand, sorry you want to cancel, of course we'll give you a full refund" speech, they wouldn't let us go so easily. Indeed we ended up meeting with 3 other sales people who each time introduced themselves as being supervisor of the previous one and therefor being able to offer us "better" and cheaper deals.

So..... we fell for it again! Seriously these guys are brainwashers!! So finally here is the deal we signed for for $2300: LIE/DECEIT #1 We give you $2300 worth of Vida dollars to spend online on the goods we sell with our partners. Here is the check to show you. FACT We only got $1000 worth of the so-called Vida dollars. The check given is only redeemable at PARTICIPATING Vida Vacation resorts. Not that it matters so much in the end because 1: I went online to their shop and all they ask is for your card details, there's is NO mention on how to use these Vida dollars and 2: they only mail to the USA and Canada and...we are French citizens living in France. CONCLUSION Vidanta sold us this Vida dollars service they KNEW we would not be able to benefit from. LIE/DECEIT #2 We have many partners in the world and you will be able to use your Vida Adventure weeks in many locations around the world. FACT The Adventure weeks involved a studio unit for up to 6 people for a price ranging between $49 and $499 a week so that sounded very interesting. But... they do NOT have all these partners and the locations they offer besides the US are very limited: basically only Mexico, Indonesia and The Dominican Republic, the latter already being dead cheap to stay at a resort. CONCLUSION They sell you resorts around the world for a good value but they really have only a handful of countries to offer. LIE / DECEIT #3 "You want to stay at the Marriott in NYC or the Sheraton in Tokyo? No problem! Our Destinos Unlimited program give you access to exclusive wholesale pricing on hotel brands and allow you to savings for up to 60% off the best available market rates. FACT After scrolling the DESTINOS online catalogue the best savings I found was of 15% off the market price. I went further, picked up a random offer of some hotel in Indonesia for only $349 the week. Except that when I searched that exact same hotel with the exact same type of accommodation and the exact same dates I found a deal at 205€ (~$250) on!!

CONCLUSION The membership you pay $2300 allows you to find some accomodation you will pay more money than if you had booked it by yourself. If that's not a scam I don't know what is. LIE / DECEIT #4 "There are no annual fees to this contract. You pay only once. This $99 fee? Oh no, this isn't anything, only if you want the services of a concierge" FACT Yes! There IS an annual fee of $99. Actually the exact same one I had enquired about but was told that covered an optional concierge service. LAST IMPORTANT FACT To make sure you won't turn back on your decision you have to wait for a whole month before they send you your login details to access their website and so-called deals. Thus the time you realise that this is all smoke and rubbish there is nothing more you can do legally to claim your money back.

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  • May 24, 2017

My girlfriend and I went to Mazatlan for a holiday at the beginning of May. We got a getaway from II and stayed at the Sea Garden. We were offered some very low end incentives (brunch, 10% off hotel purchases, 500 peso room credit and city tour) in exchange for going to an "Update." We spoke with one of the sales reps Trevor who was informative and respectful. We advised him of our previous experience dealing with Vidanta and that what was presented verbally always sounded like such a good deal but we could never get it in writing. His words of advice were if they will not give you what they are offering in writing then do not sign

anything. He proceeded to explain the benefits of the Vida Lifestyle Program. Everything which Trevor presented seemed reasonable and good and something that would fit into our lifestyle. I then asked him to see the contracts. He brought me the contract for the one month timeshare usage purchase and for the Vida Lifestyle Program. We took a quick review of the few pages of the two contracts and did not see anything that was represented to us verbally written in the contracts. Trevor stated that there was a more detailed contract and held his fingers up showing that it was about an inch thick worth of paperwork. I told him fine, I'm ready

to buy as soon as I can read your contracts. Since we are staying here for the week if you can give it to me I'll read it with in the next day or two and let you know if we have a deal. He stated that he did not know if that would be possible he then got up from the table. A few moments later a 35 year old man named DUCOTE ROBERT DONELY came to the table and said that my request to see the contract was only a tactic not to do the deal. I told him he was entirely wrong that I wished to read what I would be signing before I signed. He became very rude, belligerent, loud, uncooperative, contradictory and dismissive about my request and said

the only way that I could see a contract is if I did the deal and paid the money. I told him that that was ridiculous at which point he immediately stood up towering over me trying to be overbearing and overpowering. He was an absolute jerk and bully threatening me with "Open your mouth again and I will have security go to your room, pack your bags and physically remove you from the property immediately." At this point my girlfriend and I stood up and I said I have never heard of such a thing and like a little child DUCOTE DONLEY said "go ahead go ahead say another word. I would enjoy nothing better than having you thrown off

of the property." We turned around and left the presentation room. The first representative Trevor stated that the programs that were being offered were different because they were now doing business in America. I'm not sure yet of this statement but I'm going to enquire further to see what remedies civil and criminal can be levied against this bully DUCOTE DONLEY. WARNING TO ALL. Stay away from VIDANTA and this very immature and unprofessional little boy. They represent they are not like other timeshares but in reality they are worse. Heed the advice their representative gave to us. "IF THEY WILL NOT PUT IT IN WRITING DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING."

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