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The UPS Store

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Cranberry Twp
Address 20436 US-19 #620
Phone 724-772-6250

The UPS Store Reviews

  • Dec 26, 2019

I made a terrible mistake using UPS for shipping a small box from San Angelo, Tx to Garland, Tx. UPS lost the parcel and refused to make an honest effort to find out why there was no tracking info beyond the origin city. The store in San Angelo has cameras.

They refused to make use of the cameras to find out who got the parcel or if it was stolen or simply lost at the origin facility. They also refused to refund the shipping price or pay damages for the parcel they lost. Instead they merely filed a meaningless lost parcel claim without really doing anything at all to resolve the issue.

On the internet they put you thru totally unnecessary rigamarole of having to create an account before you can file a claim. They use exactly the same 800 customer service number for all UPS facilities. The people you talk to over the phone don't know what the hell is going on and they can't solve your problem.

You have to go thru time-consuming computer recordings before you even get to talk to anyone.

  • Mar 19, 2019

THIS UPS store in the Reserve shopping center in Boca Raton is running its business like a fight club. Male employees are rude and disrespectfull to customers, yelling and even going as far as uttering threats. I was yelled at for asking to speak with the manager after the rude employee called my mother "too slow".

This person prceeded to argue with me as I defended my elderly mother and told me that I need to be smacked in the face calling me a Rich snob and using other profanities. I was appalled my mother was practically crying. Another customer that witnessed the incident stepped in to my defense and suddenly the owner came out yelling like crazy person telling us to GET OUT OF HIS STORE!!!

He yelled out that is the owner and that he can do whatever he wants!!!! I have filed several reports with the corporate office , however it seeemed useless and basically there is no accountablity so therefore I am not surprised that this incident has happened.

Beware as many other customers have complained about similar situations and no longer trust this store to handle their packages as many boxes have been reported missing. There are many negative reviews complaining about the owner JP who full name is never disclosed as he is certainly hiding from his customers. I would strongly urge anyone who is looking for a UPS store to proceed with caution

  • May 7, 2018

Never received all my full refund and was given the run around to receive the money

  • Apr 9, 2018

This location is a COMPLETE RIP OFF and should not be able to use the UPS name. UPS, you better heed my warning before this horrible franchisee destroys your precious brand in this territory (Tallahassee NE / Village Square / Killearn). This owner is very creative in how he overcharges and under delivers and is a disgrace to an otherwise decent company.

I was sneakily charged for not only the parcel service, but an additional $10 for an 8-inch box and another separate charge for packing materials that were never included plus labor. What labor was exerted other than the creative ways to overcharge me? The parcel was returned to me as they printed a faulty label that I guess was unreadable, which is how I was able to verify that no packing materials were used.

When I voiced my concerns to the owner he seemed almost amused by what I had to say and assumed an air of indifference as he refused to address my concerns in any way. You are much better off finding another location or checking out Easy Mail, better yet deal with the long lines at the post office or send it via carrier pigeon. Anything beats getting ripped off and scammed by the UPS store at Village Square.

  • Jul 21, 2017

My organization, The National Fellowship Churches of God, Inc. (NFCOG) maintained a UPS box (at 5000 US Highway 17, Suite #116) for a ten (10) year period. We terminated the box more than 8 months ago and paid the the required fee for pick-up mail that had arrived post-termination approx. 30 days after closing. Since, that time we have not been contacted to advised us if any mail was received. We have just learned that several of our church conference delegates sent checks and money orders to us in the recent weeks. When we contacted the UPS Store (904-264-8944) to arrange pick-up we were informed that all mail coming for us has been destroyed rather than even returned to sender. Whereas, it is a federal crime to destroy someone's mail, we would like to register a report.

  • Jun 29, 2017

I purchased an item and it shipped to me via UPS. In transit the item was damaged. I contacted UPS and they reimbursed the store the full amount. However, the UPS store in Florida is refusing to reimburse me. The item was shipped in March, The UPS corporate sent them a check in early April and they still refuse to reimburse me and it is almost July. The representative name Carlos was really rude and incompetent. This is very stressful and this store doesn't deserve the UPS name.

  • Jun 17, 2017

I went in about a month ago to send some boxes with prepaid shipping marks. I ended up being a couple labels short so I needed to print at the store. The lady at the counter was visibly annoyed I was using prepaid shipping labels and she kept trying to force me to ship through their store even though I explained the products were going to Amazon and I had to use prepaid shipping. After our little talk she finally agreed to let me use their computer to print, BUT she said it was $5 to use the computer and $1 per page to print!

I have printed at many UPS stores before and this is never the policy. Using the computer is always free and printing is pennies per page. This lady was just pissed off that I was using prepaid shipping so she decided to jack me because she knew I wasn't going to leave without shipping my boxes.

I should have learned my lesson the first time, but I decided to go back again later. This time I printed out all of my labels and attached them before hand. All I had to do was drop the boxes off, no printing or anything else necessary. The lady is now angry that I brought everything with me and don't have to print. So after scanning the first 2 boxes she looks at the 3rd box and says that she cannot accept it because the tape job wasn't good enough. Then she says if I have tape in my car I can tape them. Of course I didn't have tape in my car, so she says she will have to charge a taping fee to secure all of the boxes better.

I do a lot of shipping. These boxes didn't need any more tape, she was just creating another situation out of thin air to try and shake me down for more money. After leaving the store I looked online and there are tons of 1 star reviews from people that complain about this store and how they don't accept prepaid shipping labels or they shake people down for money. The people that run this store are scumbags

  • Dec 13, 2016

The report cited is completely wrong and fabricated. The individual placing this report lied about every aspect of the situation to cover up his gross neglegance in shipping. The person who wrote the report simply filed a false claim and spread these lies simply to force UPS to pay his claim. It is so sad that someone feels so bad about themselves, that they have to lie and tear down others, who are helping, to validate their miserable lives.

  • Dec 1, 2016

Took a family airloom (brother peddle sewing machine) to the ups store to be packed and shipped, paid for insurances, long story shore they trashed it and would not cover damage do to no packing in the box, they packed it, when i tried to talk with them they sent me back and forth from the store to ups who does not own the ups stores this went on over a month, finley i was denied do to no packing in box, again, they packed it, this family air loom was handed down to my wife when her mother passed, it has been a tressured item in they er family from the time it was bought new in 1915,it traveled from japan to vietnam and from vietnam to the usa over the years with out trouble but ups cant get it from CA to DE with out destroying it. when it arrived to our home on the truck the box was on its side the driver helped me carry it inside and left as i opened it, when my wife saw what it looked like all the cast iron broken up and the wood had come all apart and broken she feel to her knees in tears, she said it was like loosing her mother all over again, the ups store has been very cold to us about it and starting with the 1st call said it wouldnt be covered, why sell insurance if you dont intend to make good on it unless its a scam, i took it to them because they are supposed to be the experts, turns out theyer expertize are not giving a danm, i will never use another ups store as long as i live the store and ups have the perfect scam going on, in the mean time my wife is crushed and i feel bad for her, watching her fall down and fall apart brakes my heart and i feel responsible cause it was my idea to use ups for this shipment.

  • Nov 29, 2016

We own a small business In University Circle that we established in 2015 as we have grown over this year our client base is no longer local. Being a Health SOLUTIONS company we ship FRAGILE Sensitive Products to customer dealing with Health Issues so we choose UPS because of their Prestige and we been shipping at this same location for about a year and never had a Packaged Damaged but just recently I did encounter a package Being Damaged by UPS so I immediately contacted UPS and They Said that they were processing the claim and that they would get back to me when the process was done. They never contacted once I called repeatedly and finally spoke to a superior who advised me They were liable but that I would have to receive payment from William and Mary who are 12 year UPS franchise business owners but when I came into the store Williams Dispostion made me extremely uncomfortable he was very disrespectful, undermining and leading me to believe that the Corporate Office Had not Filed my Claim indeed they Did so I called coporate Again and they reported indeed the Claim had been proceed for a Week! When I called William for the seventh time he was very arrogantly talking aggressive over the phone and when I asked why he lied to me, he said Corporate was indeed the liars not him, so now both Corporate and franchise are giving me the Back and Forth Game. I swear This is by far the worse UPS franchise I ever been. How can they treat people this way? I called the Corporate Office to ask about the Claim and They Said they already Issued the Check back to William and Mary and when I talked back to William he yelled and Screamed at me countless times that Corporate was lying to me and ask for the check number is what is arrogantly demanded and when I told him I had already requested the records of the claim UPS Corporate Store said William and Mary are their own entity and they can't release any information to me even though I PAID MONEY AND IM THE SENDER! now they are both giving me the run around when 1: I ship fragile packages often at this location 2: They packaged my Prodcuts with their materials. 3: They Damaged my products And they are treating me as if I did something wrong I issued a refund to my Customer immediately And I was very polite and understanding But I immediately compensated my client William and Mary were practicing Discrimination and is another continual repeat of Predijuce in University Circle Now if Corporate says William and Mary are responsible and They want to give me the Run around then What am I to Do? William and Mary are Liable Right? I paid for a service and I didn't receive it Is that Gross Negligence? Who can Help us? Avoid this Store.

  • Oct 24, 2015

Dear ups, I would love to inform you in my horror story of using your business for my P/O Box.It All started July 21st 2015 when i went to your store #158, located at 1811 4 street SW Calgary Alberta T2S 1W2. I paid $85/3 months and a $20 REFUNDABLE key deposit for box 279.

Much to my amazement in that three months i received ~NO MAIL~. Registered letters, registered packages sent to surprise me from friends seemed to disappear into another dimension, all without my knowledge.

Monday October 19th 2015 i was to have a parcel sent from Canada post delivered to the address (let me know if you want the tracking to see what happened). The package was denied from the employee, and of course it was being sent back to the sender. October 13th 2015 was a unregistered (non-tracking) package sent to the above address, and yet there is nothing. Now October 19th 2015 i went to pay for another three months, but as it turned out it was the same day i found out that the UPS store was sending my packages back or letting them slip into another dimension insisting to be that ~NOTHING~ was received by them. The Canadian Post Employee has stressed the packages where rejected by the employee's. Who is telling the lie here? three packages, two registered letters and a letter i sent myself to that address last Thursday have ~NOT~ shown up, so you tell me.

Irate as anything, Wednesday (October 21st 2015) i was able to keep my tone even and asked for a refund. I was treated like a common criminal even though i had I.D saying it was me who owned that mail box and demanded a full refund of that mailbox, saying i would get another P/O Box through Canada Post. Imagine how i felt when the woman told me i should prove to her i had to go out to get a P/O Box somewhere else. But she took my credit card and did the refund. twenty minutes later she called to ask about the receipt for the renewal i did Monday. I said it was at home, then she said forget it. five minutes after that she called again saying she found it and argued on whether i paid cash or debit the first time, then demanded to know what location i was using for a P.O Box, and wanted to see a receipt as proof. Three hours later she called again demanding it -- employee stalking much? I mean i have screen shot the calls i got that day (all inbound and the times)

This would tell me that she went to look up my profile to use that information. This right here tells me you have a huge leak in the privacy of my information. Nice work., as i am sure you know there are laws about this right?

Anyway, went back to the store as they were closed yesterday to the public (but where there to answer the phones and sort mail -- not suspicious at all). She then proceeds to tell me that it was ~all~ my fault for paying cash, and that i would have to leave all original recipients with her and go back next week for the refund -- due to the fact she never did the refund on my credit card, spewing forth a lame excuse that because it was not input into UPS servers as ever taking my credit card it would not issue the refund (i later found out they only batch out on the P.O.S system once a week -- again not comforting and a huge issue with privacy here),

Then she proceeded to tell me i was trying to lie, even with a print out of my credit card transactions, only to try and put the blame on my paying Cash for the renewal. Amazing how she did not want to address the fact that ~all~ my mail was being bounced back, or disappearing into this other dimension, even going as far as calling my crazy and paranoid because they never got any of the packages (odd how Canada Post tracking says other wise huh?)

She called the store owner (who was on "Vacation"), and he got on the phone with me, saying she screwed up -- that there was no such thing as refunds, and deflected all my questions on where the hell my mail went. He then told me that if i was to get a refund, i would have to wait until Friday (what is today? oh right -- Friday) for it to be "processed" then i could get it Monday or Tuesday.

I stated i was not leaving until i got my FULL refund ($89.25 Plus $20 REFUNDABLE key deposit) and i was told too bad so sad -- yeah, as in i was not getting a refund. this meant that i paid them for doing lord knows what to my mail. YAY!)

. When i asked if the store owner wanted me to Escalate this situation, i got told and i quote "try little man. you cannot touch me". Nice work ethic of UPSr employee's!

So this "Little man" wants to warn all who might use UPS...A) they will take your money for a service, but not provide that service, B) Have huge Privacy issues C) they love to tamper with the mail that goes through Canada Post or United States Postal, Service, D) will belittle and slander you, At the proverbial end of the day, all i wanted was the two d**n packages that were supposed to be sent to me, but UPS Store #158 has now escalated this to something way more. Sincerely : "the little man"

  • Aug 19, 2015

I won some items from an auction house in April 2015, the auction house took my huge load of winningsd to the ups store 1600 in cranberry toenship PA. They started by quoting me over $2,000 to ship it out by fright. I balked at that being a huge ebay buyer and seller and told them to take the time and box them up and ship them box by box. jessie the employee i was working for right off the bat said hey if you let me have all the display cases i will give you a great deal on shipping everything elase. i stated no thank you i want everything i won. it took them 30 days 1 month to start the shipping process. and here in august i find out that they dontaed the rest of my things the DISPLAY CASES to a church. I was away for 10 days and they say they called me to no avail. Funny thing verizon shows no records of missed calls. It took the owner 4 calls to call me back and state to go ahead and sue hi, he said i could not afford the shipping to start with. i never said i could not afford the shipping but 2k was crazy high. 5 boxes full got here at about 130 a box a far cry from 2k. they never called me to say they are giving the rest away. There was an emergency a fire was closing in on our home in california we had to vacate. To come home to this nonsence. how can i sue them where do i start this is so unfair i cant believe it. A single daddy trying to make ends meets buying a selling on ebay toys and such and they screwed me over. help me point me in a direction. They gave away 47 brand new plexi glass toy display cases for gods sake and gods knows what else they kept and stole.

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