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The Unnaturals

Country United States
State Alabama

The Unnaturals Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

@THEUNNATURALSOFFICIAL_ scammed me, I paid for 3 shirts and a dad hat. I opened a claim on PayPal and he provided a false shipping address to delay it. I had to wait another week until I could get the case to be checked by PayPal. After I got PayPal specialists invloed he said it was incorrectly typed in, though the new tracking was nothing alike. This time I got a package with paper bags in them and the return address was for a random GNC in another state ! So now I have papaer bags instead of my shirt and hat and I havr $100 less than before !

Also for the memes he posts he steals them from other pages and tries to take credit. Here are some of the pages he has stolen from...

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