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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 4780 W Ann Road Suite 5-321 North
Phone (800) 791-2754


  • Aug 7, 2015

These guys are a bunch of scam artist, Im taking them to small claim court. They are refusing to surrender my property, due to the fact that they claim they can put a mechicnal lein on which would be true, but they never send you a letter for the lein. All message get erased its fine, as long as you keep records of everything showing interest in the phone. Dont be alarm to take them to small claims. Make them buy you a new phone. These guys dont even know whats going to hit them. There website might not be up anymore in a few weeks. LOL

  • Jul 31, 2015

The Unlock Pros got me to send my $900 phone in for IMEI repair after they've screwed it up remotely. They use a UPS Store mailbox as shipping address.

Once they got the phone they started ignoring my emails and phone calls.

I've emailed them at [email protected] with no reply, the last one on July 6th requesting a PayPal refund and my phone to be ship back. Also I've left them a voice-mail with no reply at 1 800 791 2754.

When I finally got someone with the username "Scott" one their website live chat, he was rude first and later mocked me, called me stupid, dumb and all the f words for requesting them to return my phone.

Never do business with these guys. They are thieves and they continue to steal phones because they assume people won't waste their time and money to sue them for stealing their cell phones. At least that's what the Scott guy told me after insulting me online. Also they think or assume your phone is stolen so you won't do anything if they steal from you.

They do provide the remote unlock and IMEI repair but this is just their way to make their business look legitimate. In reality the look for opportunities to have you ship your phone in. For example they will intentionally screw up the phone then as you to ship it in.

By the way, they may show you a mailing label to make you think that they'll ship your phone back to you soon. This is just a trick, Kiss your phone goodbye if you've made the mistake like me to ship your phone to these scammer.

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