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The United States Professional Poolplayers Association

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 4340 E Indian School Rd
Phone 877-788-7227

The United States Professional Poolplayers Association Reviews

  • Feb 7, 2017

I cannot recommend these billiard lessons.

I paid $1,400 for 2 people to attend 2 full days of private classes -- instead I got a total of 3 hours and 1 "free" T-shirt.

Instead of doing the classes back-to-back, I only booked the first day. Unfortunately my friend got sick after the first 2 hours of classes and we had to cancel during the lesson. I then booked 1 full day for myself -- but after just an hour of instruction, Frank Alvarez told me he had "other things to do" and left. (I got the impression that he was frustrated that I wasnt learning to bank balls quickly enough.) I found him to be arrogant, impatient, and certainly not an advocate of the sport. (During the original 2 hours, Frank played a special pool game by himself, silently, no tips for us, no comments, no narration to teach us, he just played pool. All I learned was that he was a great pool player -- perhaps that was the point?)

At the time I had joined his UPA league playing at Bullshooters in Phoenix. Seeing Frank weekly, I'd ask about finishing my classes, and he'd always say the same thing: "If you have a question about a shot, just ask me here." Quite a different offer than "2 days of private one-on-one" instruction. I found this to be unprofessional and Frank always treated me as if he was doing me a big favor, not as if this was a paid obligation.

I left the country for 6 months and called Frank upon return to finally learn to play pool, but Frank never answered my calls, he was either busy, unavailable, or "moving his residence." I finally called Stephanie Ponessa, his league representative, to pass him the message that I was unhappy and wanted to finish my classes. She stated she had nothing to do with the Pool School but would relay the message. Frank Alvarez still never contacted me.

Bottom line I paid $1,400 for 3 hours of lessons and learned nothing. (Breaks down to $480.00 an hour, and a free t-shirt). Even forfeiting the entire first day, incomplete due to my friend's illness, I was still owed a full day for classes for 2 people. The main point was not the money -- it was to learn to play pool -- and not be disrespected by a teacher.

There are plenty of focused, patient, enthusiastic pool teachers in Phoenix, unfortunately I didn't find that Frank Alvarez lll was one of them.

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