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The United States Government and Pharmaceutical Companies

Country United States
State Alabama

The United States Government and Pharmaceutical Companies Reviews

  • Feb 21, 2021

America you are on your own with the covid-19 virus. The United States government and every state Governor does not care if you catch the covid-19 virus and you die from it. They don't care because they all have been immunized. They won't even make the vaccination available in any state, and then the government is practicing age discrimination (if you're not 65 to 75 years old)? they won't give it to you. They don't care about the young people dying.... you can't get put on any list because they don't even turn it on to be put on a list to receive the vaccination.

This is the United States population control that's why America has had the most deaths because of the covid-19 virus. Buy your own vaccination from other countries or die from the virus because your government does not care if you die. I got mine from Russia and I received it in two days. American government and pharmaceutical companies said they will not have enough covid-19 vaccinations for American citizens until June of 2022 and the American government will kill another million or two people. I don't trust United States government they'll kill you. Do as I did buy the Sputnik covid-19 vaccination from Russia.

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