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The Ultimate Women's Expo

Country United States
State California
City San Ramon
Address 3180 Crow Canyon Pl
Phone 925-904-0100

The Ultimate Women's Expo Reviews

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  • Jul 8, 2018

The rep offered a discount if i booked 2 shows at the same time. She emailed me this after my call to her saying " It was a pleasure talking with you, I know EMFS Protect will be very successful at our show"

No where in the contract did it state loud music was going to be playing in evey corner and at vendor booths. This was a party not an event to speak to customers about our products.

I asked that day June 2 for a refund and they said we can change your location. It didnt help the music was just too loud. I sent 2 emails that day and 2 others as well as 2-3 phone calls as of today 7-9-18 still no call back or email. I can't believe this company is still in business saying I can't get a refund for the show in October either.

I'm out 1800.00 and will not allow this to happy to other people I will find and post what they are doing.

We took pictures of the 18 or so empty booths of vendors that left the show because of the music.

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  • Oct 5, 2015

This business will happily take your money, but when an issue arrises, they will dodge phone calls and any other form of correspondence. After months of attempting to reach the man in charge of financial affairs who had personally made an agreement with me, I filed a BBB complaint at which time I was immediately contacted and threatened. He also pointed out that my argument would not hold up because I signed a contract. As there was no paper trail documenting our verbal agreement, my hands were tied. I provided photos and medical records outlining a severe, extenuating circumstance in which I am wheelchair bound, immunosuppressed, on a feeding tube and cared for in my home by a home health nurse. For this reason I had to refrain from working with the cosmetics company I was to represent at The Ultimate Women's Expo. If honoring women and helping them find their inner and outer beauty is their mission, they have failed on two accounts. First, if this is how they handle business, by making empty promises and not doing what would be considered by most as "the right thing," then these values are not instilled within their own company. Second, kicking women when they are down, certainly doesn't convey a firm belief in their values.

Here is the correspondence cut and pasted from my saved emails:

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