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The Twister Group

Country United States
State Illinois
City Glenview
Address 1547 Brandon Rd
Phone 847-478-1450

The Twister Group Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2016

The Twister Group refunded me my money the first time I ordered the wrong item so I trusted them to order the item I want even though I heard bad reviews yet didn't believe them. I trusted they would take care of me since I paid $300 for a very heavy 140 pound TV Stand that looked great on their site. Here's the problem however.... prior to my delivery I enquired about my fear the unit would arrive damaged since in saw a bad review, Eugene stated I could refuse the delivery or report to them and they'd organize the return. Living in a historic small home, we have no place to store the unit. After opening the box, in saw how badly damaged it was, and when I tried assembling it, non of the screws went in properly. After complaining to them I got very unprofessional replies that bordered on harassment. Instead of saying yes we will send UPS, they continued telling me that I do not dictate what happens.

Here's what I think: 1. Twister makes a large amount of profit from scamming shipping companies and insurance companies to pay for defective items they sell. The unit clearly was not packaged right at all, the wooden door slats were all smashed. 2. Twister relies of UPS to fork the bill when they could carefully inspect what they ship and how the manufacturer is packaging the items they sell. 3. They then harass the consumer to agree to file an expedited claim against UPS and they don't take any responsibility. Meaning they still get paid for the damaged item they sell you by UPS insurance, while you're left to struggle to organize the return and have a huge piece of useless TV furniture stand in your house. After taking a closer look, they seem to do this repeatedly with the manufacturer cooperation. It's an easy business for them because they don't sell you a quality item nor gone you customer satisfaction yet they get profits from the return claims. Please be careful and find a local store instead. The piece get sold me was so poor quality and their response was terrible. We are in the process of exploring loyal legal options.

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