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The Treatment Center

Country United States
State Alabama
City Atlantis
Address 5929 S Congress Ave
Phone (855) 889-5065

The Treatment Center Reviews

  • Apr 17, 2018

The treatment center of the Palm Beaches is definitely a shady place, over the last year or so they brought in Judi Gargilo a lawyer from out west not even licensed in FL to run the program with no experience in the drug/alcohol treatment industry. The only thing she had in mind was how she can squeeze as much money out of the patients insurance and not get caught for over billing of services that were never performed. They even made the news for charging a former patients insurance after he had passed away. The program was a good place but since has been run into the ground and is one of those shady places you dont want to be involved with. They will also tell you your insurance covers your tratment but months later you get an astronomical bill from them. STAY AWAY

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