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The Travel Center

Country United States
State Maryland
City Clarksburg
Address 23219 Stringtown Road # 223
Phone (301) 916-9840

The Travel Center Reviews

  • Oct 26, 2016

Went to the travel presentation and didn't buy but received a travel package as the incentive to watch video. The package included airfare for 2 and 2 nights/3 days and all i was to pay was taxes.

If i would have done my research i wouldn't have fallen for this ripoff. They have an f rating with the bbb.

First fee was $50 to register with travel company the travel company; then $138 to book travel. The supposed taxes of flight for two and hotel was $1404. I asked for a breakdown of costs because i've never paid taxes that high...And i was informed that this price included reservationn fees. They would not give me a cost breakdown.

So, i'm letting you all know that this place is a ripoff. I'm filing a complaint with the maryland attorney general.

  • Jan 8, 2016

I purchased a vaction back in March which i paid $630.00 for then I had to pay a $69 activation fee and then i had to pay a $100 fee for booking I have yet to go on this vacation and no one informed me that i had to take these steps I did file a report with the bbb and also emailed the company for a refund which they told me they didnt do refunds after 72 hours!!!!!!! WTF.. something needs to be done and they need to refund people money

  • Dec 5, 2015

Our promised trip became compromised due to selected sites being refused because of too high a priority location or to high a traveling period After paying two sets of fees (processing and taxes) we received communications from travel bureaus selected by the Travel Co that wished an additional $800 from my wife and I each. After communicating with this company, we were told that they had no awareness of any flights being free. After contactin The Travel Co we were told there could be no refunds. Fortunately I kept all names that I personally communicated with on the phone plus all email communications. I also have the brochure sent to us that invited us to the seminar with the promise of a free trip and 2 night 3 day motel..

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