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The Tool Shack

Country United States
State Florida
City Gulf Breeze
Address 4370 Gulf Breeze Parkway
Phone (850) 934-1700

The Tool Shack Reviews

  • Nov 30, 2017

I bought an item from the this establishment 7 months ago and paid extra for the warranty. The item broke and I brought it in for repair. Gave the receipt to the worker and he acknowledged that I did have the extended warranty. He took my item to the back and within minutes came back and said that Joe (the manager) was not going to honor the warranty because he saw me accused of something on the news and wasn't going to service me.

  • Feb 27, 2017

I had a 24hr credit and rented the log splitter on Saturday. I split my 2nd log when the hydraulic fluid shot out so much that it was difficult to reach over to the handle to disengage the splitter. Hot fluid was all over my arm. Fluid would squirt only when the splitter was retracting. I tried to continue but the fluid was coming out too much and my arm and hands were covered in fluid so I shut the motor off. I called Joe and he said “bring it back.” I had leaking/dripping fluid problems in the past. Before I rented it on Saturday I asked Joe if the fluid leaking problem was fixed and he said “yeah sometimes it leaks but it's okay.”

Brought the splitter back and Colton and Joe started it up and there was the fluid shooting into the air. Colton said I was done. I said “I have a day's credit.” Colton replied “your done, your a difficult customer.” When I said the splitter should have been checked out before renting it out, Colton said “it was” and loudly said “don't second guess me.”

He said because I dragged his chain on the ground that we were even. Colton owes me a day credit or $91.89. It seems that Colton does not know how to deal with common mechanically problems and passes them on to the customer. I only rent from him because there is no one else in my area. I'm done with Colton and his staff's condescending remarks. If Colton doesn't pay me then I'll file with the DA to get my money back. From the bad reviews I read on their Facebook page bad business seems to be the common thread.

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