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The Tire Choice

Country United States
State New York
City Rochester
Address 200 Holleder Pkwy.
Phone 1 (800) 876 - 6676

The Tire Choice Reviews

  • May 17, 2018


Three vehicles repaired. I have been a customer for ten years. Lost my business.

They lied to me as to what needed to be replaced on one vehicle ($2,000), they estimated something completely not needed on another ($1,500) and they changed the oil on my Mercedes indicating the wrong type of oil. Then it started leaking oil.

Took it somewhere else to have the oil changed again because the invoice said regular oil. Mercedes takes synthetic. Turns out the oil leak from my Mercedes was because they put the wrong gasket on and did not screw the oil plug on correctly in addition to the wrong type of oil. Had to have the engine cleaned.

Called corporate. The do not care!!!!

Now I am filing a complaint with the State of Florida. This is bad business practice.

They lost a ten year+ excellent paying customer, along with all the referrals I gave.

  • Dec 25, 2017

Be careful of being ripped off. I went to the store few times. Only the first two times I did the oil changes were good. It must be lots of good people leaving the shop like the black folk. It becomes really bad. The staffs just quote a ridiculous price for everything. For instance, I went to store today to replace one of my Prius headlight. The fat guy in the store charged me $114 for labor and 57 for a light bulb. He wasn't even nice. At the end, they charged me for $57 for the labor after a few complaints. I then googled search the price of the light bulb they installed. It only costs about $15 dollar. I would recommend not to go to that store. Last time I went there, the technician couldn't even able to reset my oil maintenance light. I had to do it myself. It is really a horrific service. I would say zero star for this store.

  • Jan 2, 2017

Went for an oil change and alignment and then got a call that my water pump and timing belt needs repair. I went to get the car and no didn't fix that. They asked for $1000.00 . As I drive the car my breaks were extremely loud. I panicked and went back. They said they didn't do that. The noise e was extreme and still is. This was 2 days ago. The guy then took off the tire to show the pads were worn. But, this was not in report not stated. Never made that noise was horrible. So I spoke to other mechanics who stated the tire choice could have switched the routers pads from other tire and now does not match up making the loud noise. Then the employee came out handed me a form showing pads and routers needed repair. I have original form and was not written. They added this. My husband can do the pads and routers himself. And I had time. The noise was it at all anywhere. Not now. Now I have an issue. Also the water pump was fine when a different mechanic checked it 2 myths ago. Maybe yes the timing belt was the true issue. We can not afford to be scammed. I have original form. Why would they add later? I'm not stupid

  • Aug 10, 2015

Took vehicle up for a diagnostic and asked that they do a vehicle inspection. Taking the truck on the road to my military son. They called stating battery. We asked they look at the brakes. My son is a mechanic so we knew what to expect from a cost perspective. They quoted us one rate, we agreed to the work, showed up to pick the vehicle up and they told us it was going to be 200 dollars more than what we were quoted. When we disputed they provided us a "discount" which still brought it 150 over the quote. Realizing Tim had no integrety we paid the amount. Get into the truck to find the battery wasn't secured properly and the washer fluid light is on saying washing fluid is empty. Never going back there again and will never refer anyone there again. Lost a long time customer today with one bad overpriced service.

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