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The Seniors Center

Country United States
State District Of Columbia
City Washington
Address 1101 30th St NW Suite 500
Phone 202-625-4377

The Seniors Center Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2020

The Seniors Center Dan Perrin, Executive Director Dan Perrin, Executive Director I receive unsolicited mailings from regarding Social Security. The most recent mailing was a survey entitled "2020 Save Social Security", and the survey "must be signed and returned within the next seven days.

The letter sounds like scare tactics implying that the Social Security Trust Fund is being raided by Congress. The letter also demands a $15 contribution to be sent with the survey!

  • May 11, 2020

My sister and I discovered in January of this year that my 88 year old mother was sending money to this group 'The Seniors Center' and many other non-profit political groups. All of the groups had one thing in common - other than my mother's money - the materials in their mailing were scare tactics. 'Save social security', 'Threat to our social security system', 'Help us fight this threat', and on and on. Many of the groups, like the one first mentioned here, were listed on scam reports and watch lists.

It was heartbreaking to see my mother's face while we explained that these groups that she thought needed her help, were actually scaming her! Part of the way they did this was by addressing her by her first name, mulitiple times throughout the materials they would send. On any given day of the week she will recieve 10, 15, even 20 different mailings from groups asking for money.

As for the 'The Seniors Center' - I called them back in January, insisting that they remove my mother's name and address from their mailing list. At which time I was told that they would, but it would probably take 6 to 8 weeks before she stopped getting their mailings. Well, it's now been 3 months since that call and she is still getting crap from them.

We now have to watch all of her mail - coming in and going out. With many of the groups, finding a number to call is next to impossible. So, the best we have come up with is to keep the permanent marker by the door and as they arrive in her mail box, we write on them "REFUSED: RETURN TO SENDOR". At least this way they will be out a little bit of money for the return postage cost. It ain't much - but it is something!!

  • Jan 6, 2018

This 'company' has sent threatening letters to my mother telling her that her social security benefits will be cut off if she doesn't continue to 'donate' to their Seniors Center's Legislative Campaign. She doesn't understand that this is a scam and has sent hundreds of dollars to them!

There is no contact number and no physical address for them. The last letter is just too much..."It's hard to believe that after all of our hard work, long running friendship, and our effort to protect our Social Security Trust Fund that I am having to write to you to tell you that this could very well be the end."

They are preying on our older communities across the country! This is horrible! I have to intervene the mail to keep my mom from seeing this CRAP!

  • Nov 29, 2017

I received a ballot in the mail and no matter how much I agree with the ballot regarding the National Social Security Trust Fund, I am not sending my Credit Card Information off to a solicitor. The whole thing smacks of a scam. Especially the part that says they need to raise $750,000.00 within the next 6 months. Any voting should go through our local Voter's Registration Board.

  • Sep 18, 2017

One of MANY organizations that target Senior citizens. Sending letters that say such things as, you must act now, final notice, past due and such other threatening language. Implying that unless money is sent to the organization that the individual will lose their Social Security Benefits. They claim to lobby on behalf of the senior citizens. Threatening that if the organization is not supported immediately they are in immediate danger of losing their COLA’s or benefits entirely. The elderly persons are susceptible to this scam because for some Social Security benefits are their only income. Additionally, they deliberately use such language that senior citizens suffering symptoms of dementia would susceptible to being stressors for them. If a senior “donates” they will become relentless sending dozens of mailing asking for more.

  • Dec 28, 2016

In 2015, as reported on their IRS 990's these entities raked in upwards of $8 million from senior citizens the scared into sending them money. Their letters portend abuses of the Estate tax (They call it the death tax) which affect those inheriting more than $5 million, and Social Security benefits, already a long-standing government program. The tell their victims that efforts to save benefits will be lost if immediate resources are not forthcoming, often to be elderly themselves. The letters go out several time every month and constitute the lion's share of their expenses. Individuals' efforts to stop the flood of letters, mostly to their elderly parents, go unheeded, presumedly because these operations are a hair's breadth inside the mail fraud laws (so far). Unless they are supported in some way by Congressional officials, it seems odd that there have been no federal inquiries to date. Perhaps a barrage of requests could put a stop to the egregious tactics.

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