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The Reserve at Sharon Woods

Country United States
State Ohio
City Columbus
Address 1881 Solera Dr
Phone 614-891-4772

The Reserve at Sharon Woods Reviews

  • Aug 6, 2015

This apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio is awful. My car was broken into and so was my neighbors car. Her window was broken. She was crying I felt sorry for her Getting things fixed takes forever. They salt the parking lot pretty well but they don't anything about the parts of the step that are exposed or the sidewalk. I often smell weed from my window and there are ppl outside smoking weed. I think they have bed bugs or something. I have seen a exterminator outside of the townhomes multiple times. When I asked him why they were out there, he said there was a big issue they need to clear up. He didn't go much more in detail but I think it is bed bugs if he said that.

Of the places I have lived in Columbus, Ohio this is the worse. Before I lived at Sharon Woods Reserves apartments, I lived in a nice place on the east side. I wish I still lived there.

Management at Sharon Woods Reserve (Reserves at Sharon Woods) is rude. They are also always finding reasons to go into your place. One of the checks is to see if ahyone has things on their porch, two weeks later it is time for their summer check. How many times do you need to visit my Columbus apartment? One time they were in there without giving me notice which is a huge no no. I wouldn't have known if things weren't moved. After that, there was jewelry I could not find.

In short there is nothing I can say good about them. They are centrally located in Columbus, Ohio I suppose that is a plus but that is it. If you have a chance to live anywhere else in Columbs Ohio, go there instead. Do not live in Sharon Woods Apartments or the Reserve at sharon woods or whatever it is called. There are so many better apartment rental places in columbus, rent your apartment somewhere else

  • Dec 29, 2015


You must have been one of my neighbors. Yes indeed cars being broken into, the constant reasons to go in your apartment and with fake work orders. DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE!

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