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The Patch Boys, Inc.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Greenwich
Address 100 Clapboard Ridge Rd
Phone (844) 997-2824

The Patch Boys, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2017

Our bathroom ceiling was in total need of repair!.

The plaster above the bathbub was falling in the bathroom in large pieces of drywall and plaster!.

On-line Plaster boys was listed as a five star company listing their services as excellent

clean up was fully provided by Plaster boys by the individual after job completion.

I later discovered that Kevin the owener of the shop of this chain did all the

repair work at the time of the repairs and painting of the new ceiling

according to all the positive reviews of Plaster Boys.

Kevin did survey the bathroom and left the impression he would

do the repair work the following monday. We meet Kevin

on Friday prior to the Monday repair job for our bathroom

ceiliing replastering and re-painting appointment.

Kevin never appeared at our home!

Instead without our knowledge, Nelson from Patchboys did the repairs and

replastering. Only Nelson appeared for the job. My husband a bus driver

helped Nelson up and down the basement of our condo fourth floor!

My husband had a break of about three hours. He left for work

again while Nelson was repairing and replastering the bathroom

ceiling. The work of six hours was completed. I helped Nelson

twice with a shopping cart in the condo basement.

Prior the the cleaning of the shower I never entered the

bathroom he repaired Nelson asked me for a shovel!

Why!. My husband and I have no need for a shovel!

I assumed this was for the cleaning and I offered

him a sponge with that side that is good for removing

stains the rougher side of the sponge. Nelson tossed the

sponge and said he already had one.

After Nelson left with his supplies I did check the bathroom.

!!!!!!!! Nelson left a mess of the bathtub and the bathroom

left my drain full to the top with tiny pieces of plaster!

I had spent four months ago four hundred dollars to

un-clogg the bathtub drain. Patch boys was gong to

charge 450.00. for the bathtub ceiling. I do not

find that expensive until I saw the entire bathtub

filled with plaster pieces. Kevin called Nelson

and he returned with a large vacuum.

He left . I was screaming at Kevin when I saw the drain clogged

with plaster and his attitude was to blame me!

He said he had already noticed the condition of the bathroom tub!

Naturally the whole bathroom was cluttered with plaster and

drywall !!!!!!. Why else why did we did that service if there was

no problems!!

I also felt drained physically and emotionaly.

I do not feel Plaster boys should receive any payment.

I guess I will have to.

Take my advice never recommend or use sevice from the branch located

in Darien Illinois. Forgot the cheaper prices. You get what you pay for!!!!!

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