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The Paint Boss

Country United States
State Illinois
City Naperville
Address 1680 Quincy
Phone 847-208-3092

The Paint Boss Reviews

  • Mar 30, 2017

This owner is very strange. We had a miscommunication to start when I tried to contact him about getting a price on repairing a scratch on my car. We never even got to talking about the work or the price as he texted me that I should

"put a bullet in my a*s" and other such remarks. Then he harrassingly called me several times and invited me to come to his shop with the suggestion that he would like to engage in physical fight with me. All this anger just to make initial contact!

I advised him that if he contacted me again I would call the police, and that I would post the truth of my brief experience with him. He researched my address and so now he should realize that I will report to the police any problems I have there.

I cannot imagine what might happen should you actually do some business with this guy. Be very careful!!

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