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The Motley Fool

Country United States
State Virginia
City Alexandria
Address 2000 Duke St., Fourth Floor
Phone 703.254.1999

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  • Feb 18, 2021

I inquired why the charge had been made and got this response:

Thanks for contacting The Motley Fool USA!

If you are looking to subscribe but have not yet, there is no need to reply as our team

will be assisting you shortly.

Upon review, we're unable to locate any Motley Fool USA memberships

associated with [email protected]

If you have purchased from The Motley Fool USA (aka 'TMF' or '') using

a different email address, please provide the address used for signing up. Our system cannot account for email aliases (aka googlemail vs. gmail, or me vs. iCloud), so please provide any alternate email addresses for us to locate your account.

If you have signed up for one of our international divisions’ services, please contact the appropriate department below:

• The Motley Fool Australia (aka 'TMFAU' or '')

Please email: [email protected]

• The Motley Fool Canada (aka 'TMFCA' or '')

Please email: [email protected]

• The Motley Fool Deutschland (aka 'TMFDE' or '')

Please email: [email protected]

• The Motley Fool UK (aka 'TMFUK' or '')

Please email: [email protected]

To clarify, each are distinct and separate companies, and must be accessed or contacted separately

via their respective website(s) or email address(es) provided above. If you have been charged, the originating currency of the charge should help determine its source.

Thank you,

Member Services

I have asked them to find the glitch that makes this charge show up on my account.

Bank of America says they can do nothing about removing the charge while it is pending, which may take up to 7 days.

I am retired with only Social Security and a couple of small pensions to live on. This situation needs to be corrected.

  • May 26, 2020

Almost every day I see an ad from Motley Fool that says something like "5 Stock Gems you need to buy now" and once you read through a couple of pages of how great they are at picking stocks, you find out you have to pay to see the actual stocks.

This is totally misleading and a scam. If they are so good at what they do, why don't they invest all their money in these stocks and retire!!!

  • May 18, 2020

I purchased a Motley Fool subscription in the past and was assured the Fool was politically neutral. To my dismay, I read the following article disparaging payroll tax relief from the Motley Fool: It states payroll tax burden should not be lifted from workers because forcing payroll taxes to be paid by corperations would risk connecting social security funding to the health of the economy.

Excuse me?!?! How is the overly regressive payroll tax not already connected to the health of payroll and by extension the health of the economy? I am tired of communists, out of touch pundits pretending they give a darn about workers, then doing everything they can to rape them. I will not be purchasing a subscription and will never Anchorage anyone I know to subscribe until this arrival is redacted and I receive an apology from Motley Fool.

When I took issue with the above, Lindsey at the Motley Fool took the opportunity to lie once again. She falsely explained the Motley Fool was politically neutral and did not acknowledge the above. Change your false advertisement or change your rhetoric.

  • Mar 15, 2017

The Motley Fool just offers a small handful of maybe decent stock tips but in reality it more closely resembles a pyramid scheme. You buy in for the base price only to receive very little content and are constantly bombarded with offers to upgrade to some more expensive service. The one good stock tip I got was later contradicted by 3 or 4 articles saying to sell which I luckily ignored. The whole thing was a waste of money but I didn't feel too burned and never asked for my money back. Fast forward one year later when the Motley fool decides to take the debit card number that I had trusted them with and treats my checking account like their own personal piggy bank and charges me $99 completely out of the blue. I never even paid $99 for the initial subscription, If I had I would've asked for a cancellation/refund back then but Instead just let it go. I was told through Email that I would receive a refund but still haven't, other ppl who got ripped off by them have posted that it takes 2 weeks to clear! It's completely unacceptable because the charge should have never been made in the first place. Maybe there was some fine print somewhere that said this would happen that I overlooked, but if so how much can their services really be worth if they have to resort to shady practices like this? I called yesterday at 4:00 MT to get a recording saying they were only in 9-5 EST, I called today during that window today and they were using a snowstorm as their excuse.

  • Aug 14, 2015

I have made innumerable attempts to cancel my subscription to Motley fool. However, I have been unable to reach a customer service representative to cancel my subscription despite multiple phone calls and emails with no return response. .Motley Fool makes it impossible for you to reach a human being to cancel your subscription so that they may continue to bill you for services you no longer want.

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