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The Martin Group

Country United States
State New York
City Buffalo
Address 620 Main Street
Phone 716-242-7486

The Martin Group Reviews

  • Mar 8, 2021

I paid this company $891 for their software/education program which I was supposed to be able to make thousands of from offering consultant services. The program had many glitches in the software, information promised which was not provided. They had a refund policy which was totally outrageous and not presented in its entirety until after you had paid for the material. There was no link on the signup page which allowed one to see all the CRAZY, impossible bogus requirements for a refund.

I paid for the upsell which was a $197 for software and $ 95 for a outsource list. The piece of software Client Magician which did not work and I have never seen the outsource list other than what is mentioned in the information was presented to the entire group for free.

Their refund policy is totally pentive. I tried very hard to make this program work for me however with the many glitches in the software and the promoise of information which was not provide made it impossibe for me to make any money.

that I am a senior citizen who has lost thousands on all types of SCAMS and in debt for thousands of dollars just trying to make some extra money to make my life a little easier.

I really had hope in this program but apparently they are just like the rest of the SCAMMERS out there who pose themselves as caring people who really want to help others but are only about making money for themselves and Hell with everyone else and especially All the Fools like myself who actually have the audacity to Hope for Better. I need my $891 which was taken from me on false pretense and promisess. !!!

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