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The Giannotto Clinic

Country United States
State Virginia
City McLean
Address 8201 Greensboro Dr #610
Phone 703-556-4247

The Giannotto Clinic Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2016

In 2008 at the young age of 25 I was experiencing minor hair loss. Unfortunately I heard a radio add from the Giannotto Clinic and thought undergoing a hair transplant procedure would help in correcting the mild hair loss that I had at the time.

I met with a so called “consultant” at the Tysons Corner office and he basically went over a few details about the surgery and informed me that one procedure should fill in the thinning area (of course we all know that as you get older you can lose more hair but again my case was minor).

I also met with Dr. Giannotto and he showed me one of his employees’ scars to give me an idea of what my scar from the donor area would look like. The scar that this employee had was very short maybe 2 or 3 inches in length, maximum, so I felt relieved that my scar would not be very long.

On the day of surgery prior to filling out medical waivers he gave me a pill to take that certainly had an immediate intoxicating effect. I found it kind of odd that he would give me this pill then ask me to sign off on legal documents (clearly under the influence of a narcotic).

You can imagine my shock after surgery when I realized the scar from the donor area was from INFRONT of my left ear all the way to my right ear (easily 5 times longer than the “patient scar” of his employee). I immediately and to this day still have loss of feeling on part of my head (around the scar area).

I was supposed to have 2,500 grafts and I can probably count the number of graphs that actually took (the number is more like 200 hundred). This explains why legitimate clinics would consider this at minimum a 6-8 hour procedure and mine was only 3 hours max. Prior to the surgery I had mild at best hair loss after surgery I had MAJOR hair loss in the areas that he worked on. Essentially I had and still have LESS HAIR then prior to surgery. Of course he will say it is “shock loss.” It seems that every patient he works on has “shock loss” after reading his reviews.

To top this all off, my scar stretched which he says is not common but does happen. In short my scar is not a thin blade size scar it is easily a 1/2 inch WIDE. I met with him to talk about this and he said of course the only way to “fix” the scar is to have another surgery which of course I would have to pay for. So there I was at 25 with a horrible hair transplant that is still completely noticeable to anyone, less hair then I started with and a HUGE WIDE and LONG scar all the way around my head.

I have suffered through this trauma and I’m finally writing about this in hopes that I can reach other young adults before they are taken advantage of by this Doctor Giannotto and his clinic. DO NOT FALL FOR HIS LOW PRICES they are low for a reason. I only wish I would have read a review like this one prior to making this mistake that has caused me tremendous psychological and emotional suffering. He is a terrible doctor and produces terrible work. Please just BE AWARE and if you want to proceed with a hair transplant choose another clinic with truly skilled and honest doctors and staff members.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

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