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The Entrepreneur Unleashed

Country United States
State Oregon
City Lake Oswego
Address 17620 Blue Heron Drive
Phone (503) 855-4477

The Entrepreneur Unleashed Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2017

I was contacted by Patti in December of 2016 to become part of her team and work for her. My first red flag should have been that she refused to sign a contract with me. She paid me the first month, but then after that, she was constantly late in paying me. She kept using the excuse that her PayPal account was frozen. In March, she was over 30 days past due in paying me for my services and I decided to terminate my relationship with her. She has refused to pay me the remaining money she owes me. She refuses to respond to emails, phone calls, messages, everything. Her current business manager is just as guilty of helping her to commit fraud as she is.

Steer clear of Patti. From what I've seen, she does this to coaching clients as well as those that work for her. There are many lawsuits against her if you do your research. If you want a great business coach, keep on searching and do your due diligence - talk to their current clients about their programs. IF they are a legit coach, they will provide you with people you can talk with to ensure it's a good match. Steer clear of The Entrepreneur Unleashed and Patti Keating if you want to grow a respectable business and not get taken for a ride.

  • Oct 20, 2016

Patti is untruthful and only interested in taking your money for her personal gain.

She consistently makes false claims about the growth and future of your business. However, she does not have the systems or support to back it up.

My experience with her was disheartening. I was building my business (my blood, sweat, and tears) she promised she would guide me to growing my business to 6 figures. It was clear after a few months that her focus was to continue to grow her income and not support others.

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