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The Digital Health Department Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 1630 Federal Blvd
Phone 1.800.303.0950

The Digital Health Department Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 28, 2015

I worked for Garrison Enterprises for about two 1/2 months. I worked hard and didn't half-a** a single moment. When I started I wanted to be the best he'd ever seen to thank him for giving me a job. after two weeks, I received my first check. It was on time and for the full amount. The following week, he wrote me a bad check. Although the check hadn't been cleared, my bank gave me a cahier's check for rent to be paid and a couple days later it sent my account into the negative. I told him about that and he said he'd get it all taken care of in a couple weeks... The following week, he gave me paid me in cash for the week prior, but not for the week I'm supposed to get paid for. Prior to that, he gave me portions of each week until he fell over three weeks behind. Up to $1700. Now he owes me $830. I saw him today and he said he would give me $100 and he will pay me the rest on Monday or Tuesday... He also said he'd pay me on time every week a month and a half ago. When I saw him, he had a wad of cash in his hand, yet he still didn't pay me anything. To my knowledge there are at least five other emplyees in the past he didn't pay, a landlord he owes over $5,000 dollars to, however, being the slumlord he owes isn't a legal citizen and there was no written lease agreement, he's off the hook on that. There is also a man who owns resturant appliances that are in Sean's possession he is supposed to sell for this man, however, I honestly think he'll rip him off as well. This man overcharges his customers and often times doesn't even finish the job. Do not do business with this man. He is a crooked.

Right now, because I trusted him as an employer and a friend, my cell phone has been shut off, my internet is about to be shut off, my rental appliances are about to be taken away, and I'm about to lose my home, and if that happens, I will lose custody of my child. I haven't eaten in three days, I am sick with bronchitus, and since I started working with him, I've even had to bring down my food consumption to a half-meal per day. I am in a worse position than when I started working for him.

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