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TFP Student Action

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Spring Grove
Address 1358 Jefferson Rd
Phone 717-225-7147

TFP Student Action Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2019

This organisation has been sending out outright slanderous lies in emails, encouraging readers to get violent and fight back against women getting help for rape through therapy, women leaving their abuser, women having an abortion, transgenderism, lesbianism, q***r, LGBTQ+2, etc the content is highly malicious it is a religious cult that strongly encourages the mental and emotional abuse and manipulation of young people to use them as tools for their money laundering, religious agenda to further their bank accounts and they contniue to harrass gay gatherings and abortion clinics

We need to stop giving our money and support to a lying, manipulative bully that has taken up psychology and pretended to be a trustworthy pure religious representive and take this spread of hatred and propaganda seiously as it effects others safety and wellbeing

this is abuse, and they often hurl rocks at people in need then they turn to followers pretending to be the ones needing support this has little or nothing to do with religious teachings it is a outright con and a hate and rage filled destructive organisation promoting violence and intolerance

It isn't a case of expressing freedom of speech they're literally going "see that poor black couple there? see those gays holding hands over here? they are a threat we must get violent we must smite them for the lord" we need to at least have this info out ASAP theres no current existing online complaints, reports about this Catholic hate group

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