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Terracom Wireless

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Address P.O. Box 13006
Phone 1-888-716-8880

Terracom Wireless Reviews

  • May 22, 2019

TERRACOM WIRELESS is a company founded by three criminals from

Guthrie, Oklahoma, in search of a " get rich quick scheme ". They do business in 11 states ; their 'home' is Oklahoma City, OK ( 73129 ). Their 'get rich quick scheme worked, for a while. They, however, were cuaght in the cookie jar, by Federal Investigators, and were dragged into Federal Court in Maryland. Adjudicated, these wonderful three, were given a choice.

Pay Restitution, or face the consequences. They paid ONE MILLION DOLLARS restitution, plus, a so-called "good faith" gift, of FOUR

HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. I have the entire court transcript, which is Public Domain. In Indiana, Dale Schmick, the "mouth" of the bunch, and Perpetrator, was grilled and Bar-B-Cued by Indiana government officials. You may see part of that on YOUTUBE. They've chnged their

marketing plans, like you change your underwear. One never knows from day to day, what the rules are, for LIFELINE clientele. At the moment, it's 2,000 minutes per month. On the Tribal Assistance Program, they tell us that our "minutes" are NO CHARGE to LIFELINE clientele. However, there is a 'catch'. There always is, with LIFELINE providers. The catch, at the moment, is : IF YOU RUN OUT OF wait for the next batch of minutes to drop in to your may -- in theory---

pay to "top off" your account, to be able to use your handset for more than just a door-stop, or a papweight. In my case, for whatever reason, unkown to me, they are BLOCKING my payment methods. I use Cap One Credit Card Accounts, to do business with most companies. But,

TERRACOM WIRELESS ? They are blocking me, which means, that when I go to make a payment, on the website, or, even with a CSR with their Service Contractor, my account is BLOCKED, ILLEGALLY. No explanations. No reasons. Just a "declined card" error message. Over and over, an error message, saying I am "declined". I made this known to the Executive in charge of Auditing. NO HELP. I made this know to the wonderful Mr. Robert Rowlen. SILENCE. The Service Contractor says they are baffled, but, they seem to know one thing : The TERRACOM "gateway" is BLOCKING MY PAYMENTS.

So. Here's the message to TERRACOM WIRELESS. FACT : LIFELINE IS NOT YOUR TOY. It's taxpayer dollars at work, and paying your house payments, your car payments, your doctor bills, school supplies, dental insurance, the food in your mouth. And YOU, TERRACOM, are going to provide me with the voice and text access, that I sgned up for, in 2013, and that my tax dollars and everyone else's tax dollars, are paying for.

LIFELINE, is NOT your hobby. It's not your little pleasure dome, where all your dreams are built. It's United States taxpayer property. OR, didn't that little dog and pony show in Maryland teach you anything ? In my estimation, you and your crew need to spend five or six hours before a Congressional Oversight panel, discussing your plans for the future. If you even have a future. Your "get rich quick scheme" is not my interest. My LIFELINE

access, is my interest. And you, TERRACOM, are going to obey the law, and you can take that, the bank, Mr. Robert Rowlen. Today is May 23, 2019. You have until NOON, today, to return service to me, or, make arrangements for me to make a payment, or, I will know the reason why. Don't learn the hard way, that I'm not a kid you can push around.

  • May 6, 2019

I received a phone from Terracom Wireless over a year ago in which I had ran into some issues with random numbers always calling the number they provided and harrasing me. Because of this I reached out to Terracom about the entire situation to see about possibly just getting my number changed, they asked me a number of questions and was happy to do so.

Fast forward to this year and I'm getting the same problem but it's not as if it occured only with a few days or even a week, this was going on for close to month that they random numbers would call with some even calling late around 10pm so I did what I only thought I could do in reach out to Terracom again to see what to do and perhaps I need to change my cell number again one last time, they proceeded to tell me they would need to charge me $18 in order to do so, now the problem is that the company is a funded by the govenment so I asked why am I being charged just change my number when there wasn't a problem before in which they did not give any real information other than telling me they need to do so in order the change the number.

I was under the impression that this was a company that is to provide those who are receiving governement assistance of some kind to be able to use a cell phone in which they are also being backed by the governement themselves?

There is something not right about the entire situation and am not sure if I am able to take any kind of legal action? Either way no one should be getting charged for a service that they clearly cannot afford who is again being governenet funded.

  • Jan 16, 2018

I have been a customer with Terracom for approximately five years. I tried on several occasions to get a phone from them that worked properly and finally gave up. I decided to just use the one that worked best. That was bad enough but this past December 28th 2017 I was suppose to have my free 1000 minutes loaded on my account. On Jan. 3rd I could not call out or recieve phone calls. I called Terracom and they proceeded to tell me I had used all 1000 of my minutes and would have to purchase more. This had never happened to me in the past and thought it must be some mistake, I asked to speak to a supervisor and no one was available. I went ahead and purchased 250 more minutes and on Jan 5th was supposively out again.

I kept calling terracom trying to make them understand that they could not have given me to 10000 minutes. I finally got a supervisor on the line and he too was of no help and basically called me a liar. I got online and printed out the minutes I had used between Dec. 28th and Jan. 3. The total minutes I used was 330 but terracom still would not help me. I am on disability and they will not let me out of my contract until May 2018. I honestly don't know how these people sleep at night. They are just taking peoples money and have no intension of helping them in any way..

  • Dec 5, 2017

I didn't even ask for this phone or service. Someone from the public housing authority came by one day and said they signed everyone on the program up, handed me the activated phone, and left. Didn't even give me the password to my account. I rarely use the phone, but somehow ran out of the free 500 minutes fast. I called customer service and was told I would have to pay an additional $10 for 750 minutes, and of course, a "processing fee" of $2 which you cannot avoid no matter where you pay or what form of payment you use. I got off the phone and made 3 very brief calls. The first call, I immediately hung up when I was directed to voicemail. The second lasted two minutes, as the person was going into a doctor's appointment, and the third was even briefer. I checked my minutes afterwards, and it showed that I had used 25 minutes already, which was impossible, considering my balance had been at zero prior to refilling, 750 afterwards, and it had been less than ten minutes since I had gotten off the phone from Terracom. There wasn't enough time to use those minutes. I called them back, and the first thing out of the agent's mouth was "take me off speaker phone." I told him that the cheap phone their company provided hung up on callers if held to the ear, and the volume at its highest wasn't loud enough to hear if held away. He simply repeated his command again and wouldn't proceed until I did so. As a result, the entire conversation was filled with "can you repeat that." It doesn't help that the wireless companies based in America, big and small, outsource customer service to India. His accent was very thick and hard to understand, in addition to their shoddy phone. Next, I wanted to know straight up if I was being charged minutes to speak to customer service and he said yes, so I said I wanted him to pay close attention, not to interrupt, and not give me the run around. Didn't really work. He kept repeating the things I already knew, like how to check my minutes. I made it clear up front my call was in regards to the balance displayed, ergo I knew how to check it. He put me on hold a few times, and after 20 minutes, came up with the solution for me to call back when the balance was at zero and they would give me courtesy minutes. I told him they were stealing my minutes, I wanted them back now, and some type of guarantee it wouldn't happen in the future. Said I spent 20 grueling minutes on the phone with him already, 20 minutes I was paying for, and I wanted a resolution then and there. Not some "future promise" that was no doubt a brush-off to get me off the phone. He said that was all he could do. When I asked how many minutes, he said that will all depend on the agent I speak with. When I asked if he was making a notation that I was owed minutes, he said he was making a notation that I called. Why he couldn't just give me the minutes then, only God knows. They seem to make the phone calls as inefficient as possible to make you spend more minutes. Anyway, if they keep stealing the minutes at this rate, they will be up in days, and call me crazy, but I think his idea of "courtesy minutes" is equivalent to a 10% coupon (not really worth the hassle.)

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