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Tenille Bettenhausen

Country United States
State Alabama
City Anaheim
Address 232 N Paseo De Juan
Phone 714-483-2533

Tenille Bettenhausen Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2021

Tenille Bettenhausen is someone I would completely avoid working with. She was a customer of ours we decided to terminate her service because Tenille and Baron Bettenhausen were chronically late paying their bills, we would call and text to be ignored. We have better things to do! Tenille Bettenhausen takes to yelp to lambaste our company, who I might add never had any complaints about our service whatsoever until we terminated their service!!

Tenille Bettenhausen do you like to be jerked around, have to chase down your paycheck and ignored when you try to collect it? F-YOU Tenilles false review: Steve is very rude. They need to get a new customer service person. We have always been responsive to emails and calls. But both my husband and I travel for work, so sometimes I admit, the bill didnt get paid right away. They are the ones with the archaic billing through the mail. Switch to online billing... you will get paid faster by busy people in Orange County. But I always used their paypal system to pay and catch up over the year.

When I asked them to come look at the pressure switch (of which they had fixed 1 year ago) because I thought it should have been warrantied, the response I got was "past due balance, lien property, service terminated". WTF? First of all, I work in construction and my husband is an attorney, so a lien is just freaking ridiculous and would never actually happen but whatever with your idol threats, you idiot.

I paid the balance and moved on to another pool company but communication goes a long way. Apparently Steve was in a very bad mood last week. Hope you didnt lose more then one customer. JERK!

Tenille Bettenhausen YOU are the jerk, YOU are the rude one! And yes, we have filed hudreds of liens successfully, including and winning against TWO attorneys! Anyone who does work on your property ANYONE, can file a claim of lien, do some research imbecile. Additionally, we do not perform repairs when a customer is PAST DUE. You're a joke like your review. A realtor? There's a surprise!! If you deal with Tennile Betternhausen get paid upfront, or just avoid her because she will malign you on Yelp because you have the audacity to expect payment for services.

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