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Tenere Home Care Services, LLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Crystal
Address 5401 51st Ave N, #201
Phone 763-273-0601

Tenere Home Care Services, LLC Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2017

1/01/17; Richard Glover, 80, posts a PCA ad for employment on Craigslist. This position is performing personal cares for his completely dependent, 78 yr old wife, who is essentially in hospice. He will hire 'on the spot', telling employee's "if you don't start working immediately, this job will pass you by". 'd**k' will not start paying employees -for the first week or so, that you are actively working- "until your background check comes back to him clear". I have yet to receive my 'first' week of pay for FT work! 'd**k' threatens "to pay staff that quit on him $7.00 hr., rather than the agreed upon $12.00 hr., due to the staff breaking an agreement with him"!

'd**k' has employees sign a 'contract' that he makes his own rules in, forcing staff to accept less pay if you do not give him a 30-60 day notice of inability to continue work for Tenere Home Health Care Services, LLC. d**k told me "he needs a 30 day notice to break the contract", telling a co-worker hired directly after me, that "he requires a 60 day notice". You will notice Richard is not consistent throughtout. He cuts hours on your paycheck, 'at will'. My co-worker/friend started the very next day after I was initially hired. She worked the first three weeks alongside me. She did not get a' first' check when I did, then received a check for only 29 hours, instead of the 88 hours she had actually worked! This company is 'not' honest or upright. I cannot believe PCA's in Minneapolis, Minnesota are being scammed like this, right under our noses, in our healthcare system, in 2017!

Beware ladies, this is a very stressful work environment. 'd**k' yells and screams at his wife's staff. He belittles PCA's in general, talking down to staff constantly. Richard calls the employees "stupid", demanding to know "who did this?" for everything he doesn't like. d**k is very prejudice, talking behind the backs of the staff he has hired for his wife's cares. He will talk to other staff about how "fat, dirty, lazy, black people are", and how he "won't hire fat people, because they're lazy and won't do anything". Richard "sold the company to his partner 'Tony' for $1.00", according to "d**k". Tony is Physical Therapist to both "d**k" and his wife, and undoubtedly is forever indebted. Tony witnessess the verbal abuse that "d**k" models, and he turns his head the other way. Tony will 'not' speak up for the employees of his company- even if you try to talk to him about it. Tony excuses himself from the situation- not being 'man enough' to stand up for what's right! Is this really the situation at a 'State of Minnesota' employer in the year 2017?

"d**k", who is handicapped himself- leg amputation due to Diabetes, and an obvious OCD/Mental Illness- directs wife's staff to cook his meals for him, bring him things throughout the day, and run errands with your own car, doing his grocery shopping for him. Rest assured, you will get reimbursed for your gas, effort, and time...through the very monies that his wife receives for her Personal Care Assistance! "d**k" will 'generously' give you an extra half-hour on your timecard, using wife's PCA hours for his own needs. "If it's for him, it's the same as Barbara". Oh, and "do not" add any extra hours on your timecard yourself, as "d**k" says he will add extra 'Administrative' hours on himself.

Use caution when bending over, as "d**k" has been known to ask wife's staff to pick things up that he frequently drops, making suggestive comments. Also, do not tell Richard anything personal, as he tries to bond with staff, gossiping about the staff's peers. "d**k" even looked up past 'misdemeanors' on one of my dear co-workers', and had the balls to talk about her teenage mistakes to her peers (other employees)! Really? The State of Minnesota and taxpayers are being scammed by these two guys! Our PCA's in Minnesota work hard, and need to be treated better, with respect! We deserve better than what this job has to offer!

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