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Tenda Markets

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 17 W 21th Street

Tenda Markets Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

I ordered an adjustable desk from this company on 04/18/20 in order to accomodate for online studying and classes this semester, because of pandemic issues I looked at the website for a company address to make sure it was shipping from inside America. I ordered the desk and the website tells me my tracking number is a USPS number but when I clicked the "USPS number" link it took me to a different Chinese tracking app/wesite called 17 tracking.

I never saw any tracking updated for at least a month and a half, when I did see an update it was almost the end of May and the update was date 05/08/20 leaving Shenzhen. Every time I tried to email for answers I would only get placating lies instead of forward movement solutions; one time I asked about updated tracking information in eraly June, I received an email back telling me they would look into the tracking information.

Two and a half weeks later I had to email them again reminding them to give me updated tracking information, then they finally responded saying my desk was stuck in transit and to give them my address again to ship another desk. I declined to have another desk shipped to me and requested a refend because I was told in mid June that an automatic refund triggers in their system after 69 days.

They did not specify 69 days in general or 69 business days but even if it was 69 business days that date would have been 07/24/20 and I am writting this report on 07/31/20. After I declined another desk from them I finally received an email on 07/09/20 confirming they were forwarding my refund to the financial services team and allow 3-10 business days to process the refund. We are far beyond 3-10 business days and I have tried 2 more emails to resolve this but with no success. NEVER BUY FROM TENDA MARKETS

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