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Ted's Painting

Country United States
State California
City Brea
Address 255 Viking Avenue
Phone (714) 257-9469

Ted's Painting Reviews

  • Oct 10, 2015

My wife and I needed our family room painted and since I already work 2 jobs and my wife working part time and us having 2 kids on top of all of this, we decided it would be fastest to hire someone to do the job.

"Ted's painting" was a ad we came across in our local advertiser. We took 2 other estimates before meeting ted and we liked what we heard from ted. This was a mistake.

Ted was to show up the first day and fill and sand some dings, seams and a hole where I mean new wiring for a ceiling fan I installed.

The second day ted showed up and was 2 apply up to 2 coats of paint. He was there and gone in 2 hours my wife said. I got home and found the patchwork wasn't sanded in 90% of them and there was fabric tape exposed (a quarter size) that was just painted over. To top it all off, there was paint all over the trim, floor and ceiling and you could see the prior yellow color through the new burnt orange color.

I called ted very upset and asked how he could think this is acceptable workmanship, he said "you don't need to tell me how to do my job, I've been doing this over 30 years!" I asked him why I could see the old paint still and he saI'd "it's the quality of the paint, I did 2 coats." I explained that there was no way that's possible because he was gone in 2 hours and on the paint can there is 4 hours required between coats. He then offered to rip up the check my wife had given him, being the nice guy I am I offered for him to complete the job (stupid me) and keep payment. He said that would be fine and he would be there is the a.m.. I went to Lowe's that night and bought another $30 gallon of paint since he wasted all the paint that would've done the job.

Day 3 ted throws down some more patch and sands it and even more paint. I got home and he was still working to I brought him some of my trim color from the basement to touch up all the scrap he got paint on. A little while layer he cleaned up and left. To my dismay I still found spots that went unsanded, even slippery paint lines, spots where he threw the paint on so heavy it had runs and the parts of trim he repainted had wet wall color on so it had swirls of orange in my almond trim color. Wait for it.....oh yes the best part! There's now paint on my couch!

All in all we should've cancelled the check and even more importantly, never invited him to come back in our home. I don't know how someone can sleep at night doing a horrible job like that and taking money from a family at the same time that barely has any. I know I didn't sleep at night because after I got the kids to bed I was doing this job all over again.

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