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Team NuVision

Country United States
State California
City Rosemead
Address 8932 Mission Drive, Suite 102
Phone 626-789-0159

Team NuVision Reviews

  • Nov 26, 2019

My husband and I found a home on Zillow in San Gabriel. We called thinking Rudy Kusuma is the listing agent. Instead who showed up to open the door was his partner. I forgot his name. That is not important. He opened the door and we looked through the home. At the end of the tour we sat down and he asked my husband and I what we thought. We really liked the home. And he pulled out a 3 ring binder and showed us something called a vip program or buyer vip program or guaranteed program or something to that effect. We are educated college grads and he is showing us slides and talking to us as if we are stupid.

My husband and I own 6 investment properties so we are not new to real estate. The agent talked about guarantees, value and certificates and on and on. At this point this agent already loss our business. The more he talked the more we just sat silent. And where we really got furious is when the agent said our only out of pocket cost for their services is $895.00? We have worked with a lot of big name real estate offices and their agents never charged us a service fee.

We told him we will think it over and give him a call the next day. Later in the day when we got home, we did some research and we find out Rudy Kusuma nor anyone from his office is the listing agent for that home in San Gabriel! No relation at all to the home listed on Zillow. Trulia shows the same, but we also find out that Zillow owns Trulia?

Zillow, Rudy Kusuma, Remax, Remax Titanium, and Team Nuvision is defrauding people. He probably pays a lot of money to Zillow to advertiste as the premier agent. Zillow is scamming people too, tricking customers for advertisement money. There are plenty of posts online warning people to beware of doing business with Rudy Kusuma and his agents, there are dozens of lawsuits filed against him and his agents ripping off sellers and buyers. We should have googled him and his company first. Do your research!

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