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TDV Global LLC

Country Hong Kong
City Chai Wan
Address 27/F, E - Trade Plaza, 24 Lee Chung Street
Phone (646) 568-5518

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  • Jan 2, 2016

TDV scam

I have made an application for TDV's Slovenian citizenship for my friend. More than estimated time passed but it wasn't done. Then switched to Mexican citizenship. Nothing happened. Later Chris Martin said company went bankrupt. Jeff Berwick and Chris Martin said that their company has been bankrupt so no fund available for refund. I found all they offered are illegal.

I believe everybody who became victims of this scam must gather together submit complaints to authorities of relevant countries. People who are willing to join to make complaints officially should leave messages here then I will arrange actions against ridiculous scammers.

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  • Oct 20, 2016

Collecting evidence from victims of TDV Immigration

If you have been victimized by TDV Immigration, please email [email protected] as there are people now collecting evidence and testimony from victims. You are advised to make a YouTube video describing your situation and make sure and detail how much money you lost. These videos will be collected together for evidence. After you make your video, email the link to this email address. If you want to remain anonymous, then just write to the email provided above for further instructions.

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  • Mar 30, 2016

Jeff Berwick is a scam artist.

He calls himself an anarcho-capitalist, espousing the virtues of freedom and liberty.

But all he really does is use his position among libertarian circles to defraud and scam his clients.

I signed up and paid for his Mexico Citizenship & Passport program for $30,000.

I paid a total of $15,000 as a deposit.

I also paid lots of money and spent a lot of time getting documents and signatures and sending it to his company.

I also had to make two trips to Acapulco to "do paperwork" with the local government.

This was supposed to be a 3-month, one trip to Acapulco, passport deal.

Looking back, I realize I am stupid for believing in such a scam.

But this guy, Jeff Berwick, knew people that I respected...Doug Casey, for example.

So I trusted him and worked with his "partner" Chris Martin.

I even met Jeff Berwick in Acapulco. He seemed like a decent guy.

That is not the case.

It has been two years since I signed up for this program. With no communication from Jeff Berwick or Chris Martin.

I now understand that this program was never real to begin with.

I just want to get my money back. Although knowing Jeff Berwick, I don't think I will get it back.

Well, this is one lesson that I learned the hard way.

I'm sorry if my thoughts are not clear. A bit disappointed in myself for being stupid enough to go after pie-in-the-sky deals.

I am a big fan of Doug Casey and his philosophy. I'm a subscriber at Casey Research.

I don't think Doug Casey knows what kind of person Jeff Berwick is. If Doug does, and continues to associate with Jeff, I would start to doubt Doug Casey's character also.

I just saw an "Anarchast" with Jeff and Doug. So I assume Doug does not know.

But anyways, I will write to Casey Research and Doug personally to see if this is the kind of people Doug associates with.

I haven't heard from Jeff Berwick or Chris Martin for almost a year. Writing emails is useless.

This is my lesson. Live and learn.

To those who are reading this and have a desire to internationalize themselves...don't do business with TDV Immigration, TDV Passport, Jeff Berwick, Chris Martin, The Dollar Vigilante.

They will sweet talk you until you wire the money. Then they'll give you the runaround. Then they stop responding. And'll never hear from them again.

I am angry, but this is some people's true nature. What can I do, but learn from this.

Good luck to the free-spirited and freedom-loving adventurers out there.

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  • Aug 18, 2015

Jeff Berwick, and his wife, Kena Berwick, have been marketing a Mexican passport scam since 2013 from Acapulco, Mexico. By their own admission, on video and in emails, they have processed 80-100 people whom they require a $25,000 USD deposit, each, totaling upwards of $2,500,000. Many clients have demanded refunds after finding out that their programs are a scam and are illegal, but the Berwicks have not remibursed those demanding refunds.

In the video link below, you will find Jeff Berwick outlining his fraudulent program, his avoidance of paying refunds to those demanding them, his personal investments (made with other people's money), etc.

Jeff Berwick operates various "businesses" that all funnel people back to his passport scam, or other highly questionable "businesses". He has parlayed his lies in various businesses into a false online and media persona in which he projects himself as a successful and ethical businessman, when in fact he is nothing more than a conman who is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Video link: Password to view video: BerwickFraud12345

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  • Aug 10, 2015

Me, my wife, brother & his fiancee, and mother paid Jeff Berwicks - TDV Passports in full to go through what we thought was the legal process of becoming residents of Paraguay. We went to Paraguay and went through what we thought were the steps to do just that. After about six months two out of the five of us received resident status, or so we thought. The remaining three of us had difficulty getting Jeff or his agent, employee, partner or whatever he is (Chris Martin) to respond to us with a status report a year later.

Then after some research it appears from two news articles from local news sources in Paraguay that the people Jeff had us meet there were total frauds. They were apparently arrested for producing fraudulent documents related to resident cards and passports. To top it off, now their associates in Paraguay can not be contacted because their phone numbers have been disconnected.

Jeff had the gaul to ask me if I had his peoples contact information in Paraguay so I could contact them directly instead of going through Chris Martin. I told Jeff that the numbers I had for his people no longer worked and could he provide good contact information. Jeff never responded back with any numbers for anyone who could help.

I thought I knew Jeff well enough and could trust him. I even wrote a guest blog for his site and he stayed at my house one night because it was close to a conference he was to speak at the next day. I believe now that I was wrong about him. In fact, now I firmly believe he is a scam artist. Still perhaps he's a decent writer of some of the unpleasant truths of the world, that doesn't change the fact that he and his company will not provide what we paid for or return the money we paid them.

I would strongly advise against using his service or you will very likely end up like we did - defrauded out of our money with no positive result.

In Paraguay, the government gives a person going through the residency process a case number. That number allows the applicant the ability to know where he/she is in the process of residency and what agency and agent has the file. I have repeatedly asked for each of our case numbers which should be instantly available to TDV Passports (Chris and Jeff). Both Chris and Jeff have completely ignored that request and have continued the failure to provide our case numbers.

Chris and Jeff began sending me some vague weird email exchanges stating they are not frauds and everything is fine so don't worry, yet with nothing of substance in them, as though that would appease me. And not one of the emails they sent contained the pertainent information I requested and deserved, which should have been easy for them to obtain, since they should have had it on file already.

As an example of the emails, here is one from Chris Martin on July 30th of this year:

Hello Kevin,

We have just requested that information from Bettina and hopefully we will have that information for you by tomorrow. Thank you for your great patience!

We do apologize for this, by this point, ridiculously long delay with a normally easy Paraguayan residency. We realize this makes us look like amateurs, but we have honestly never seen this occur before. If you wanted a refund, I would totally understand. I would. To be honest.

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  • Nov 15, 2016


New scam.....

  • Oct 26, 2016

TDV Global Immigration Services LLC & Friends ..... in UAE they use the space of Sercop a office services provider based in UAE .

  • Nov 15, 2016


The friends of TDV are Marhaba Panama Corporation an offshore company located in Panama in the offices of " Caporaso & Partners " a big law firm specialized in Tax planning and Identity protection.

Does not exist any office of Marhaba Panama Corporation in Panama , Dubai or Madrid, are all virtual spaces or similar provided by specialized companies.

  • Sep 7, 2016

Another one scammed too

I signed up for the Mexican Program too, paid 20k, did paperwork, went to Mexico. Then the emails from them just stoped. The funny thing is that they still advertise their programs.

People be careful! You will waste your money and time!

  • Oct 21, 2016

FRaud or reality

Please confirm is it tdvglobal or tdvimmigration?

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