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Tariq Nasheed

Country United States
State California

Tariq Nasheed Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2020

Months ago, Mr. Nasheed advertised a foundational black American conference, to be held in Atlanta in June. Nasheed initially solicited GoFundMe for this operation, however, he was soon kicked from the platform and all money returned to donors. It's not known if it's Nasheed's known racist views and racist followers were the reason, or if Nasheed has a history off scams.

Nasheed then solicited Indiegogo, another funding site, to raise money for this event. Nasheed raised a total of $120,000 as of 3/20. As the Corona virus epidemic spread and more and more events nationwide had been cancelled, Nasheed quietly unpinned a tweet that had been pinned for months, directing people to the Indiegogo site.

As of today, 3/24/20, Nasheed has yet to comment on the conference and the Indiegogo account has been closed. Not one tweet or public statement about a conference that he has not been able to shut up about for months. I attempted contact with Nasheed, via Twitter, as to what was going on and if the money that was raised would be returned.

So far, Nasheed has only blocked people and hidden their tweets. No answers to them. He's been dodging. Indiegogo makes claims that it's not responsible for what happens to donated money, if the sponsor uses the money for the intended purpose, nor does it get into refunding people who may have been scammed.

This report is to get Nasheed to answer up for what's going on with all the money he raised. Since no event has taken place, all money should be returned. However, this isn't how events like this are normally funded. Any money that may have been spent on reserving a venue shouldn't be charged to anyone other than Nasheed himself. Nasheed needs to answer.

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